WGN-TV Hires Demetrius Ivory As Morning Meteorologist

The forecast for Demetrius Ivory is very bright and sunny, as the popular Pittsburgh television meteorologist has been hired by WGN-TV to be its newest addition to the station, moving from market #23 to market #3.

Demetrius Ivory comes to Chicago's WGN-TV from WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh, PA. There he delivers daily weather forecasts from 4:30am-7:00am and again at Noon. Ivory has been with WTAE-TV since July 2005.

Since 2008, when Pittsburgh Magazine started having readers vote on "Best Weatherperson," Demetrius Ivory has won every time.

Ivory began his television career delivering weather forecasts on WOHL-TV in Lima, OH, eventually becoming their chief meteorologist. This was while he was still in his final year of completing his degree in atmospheric science at Ohio State University. (He minored in computer sciences.) Each day, he would do his school work and then drive two hours from the OSU campus in Columbus to the TV studios in Lima.

Between his jobs in Lima and Pittsburgh, Demetrius Ivory worked three years as a meteorologist for WYTV-TV in Youngstown, OH, delivering morning weathercasts.

At WGN-TV, Demetrius Ivory will be joining the top-rated WGN Morning News. There, he will be delivering weather forecasts from 4:00am-6:00am, plus fill-ins as needed. With his on-air charisma and sense of humor, he will fit in quite nicely with that morning staff.

As first mentioned here last month (and here, too), the WGN Morning News will be expanding an additional hour starting on September 3. The hiring of Ivory will help free up meteorologist Paul Konrad to focus on the 6:00am-10:00am shift.

Ivory's final day with WTAE-TV will be August 2nd. He is expected to start with WGN-TV in late August (exact date to be determined), prior to the morning news' early September expansion.

Greg Caputo, WGN-TV News Director, said in today's announcement: "As we expand our WGN Morning News to 10am, we look forward to Demetrius joining our 'must watch' Morning News. Demetrius brings a real enthusiasm for meteorology to his work. His on-air personality and warmth will fit well with our Morning News team. He has a good understanding of the role weather plays in our lives and the ability to communicate it to viewers with clarity and assurance."

Demetrius Ivory is a native of Cleveland, OH, who grew up reading earth science books at night, as well as making his own weather maps as a child. He now is a proud member of the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association. More than that, he is just weeks away from being a television meteorologist in one of the biggest and best TV markets in America.