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CSN Sports Talk Live

CSN Sports talk Live is the successor show to Chicago Tribune Live on that channel. In the three months since the change not one Tribune sportswriter has appeared on the new show. While a more diverse group is fine, there is some considerable Chicago talent now benched from this program. Anyone know the whole story?
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      Tuesday, May 14 2013, 07:24 AM - #permalink
      I believe I recall hearing that after the show went from "Chicago Tribune Live" to "Sports Talk Live" that no Trib writers would be on the show for six months. If so, just wait until summer and they will be back.
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        Tuesday, May 14 2013, 11:48 AM - #permalink
        I think it goes beyond the Chicago Tribune no longer being the title sponsor of what's now called "SportsTalk Live" on Comcast SportsNet Chicago.

        For starters, do you really want to keep seeing guys such as Trib baseball writer Phil Rogers, along with others that don't bring much to the table as far as actual opinions regarding the sports news of the day that's discussed? Also, because CSNC is now part of the NBC Sports Group, I've gotta think there are more diversified guests that they want to talk to beyond the local athletes, sportswriters & other media personalities that appear with host David Kaplan. I think that explains in large part why NBC's Dan Patrick, Michelle Beadle & Chris Mannix, also with Sports Illustrated, have all appeared since the show was rebranded as "SportsTalk Live".

        Unfortunately, it still doesn't explain why Frankie O from Harry Caray's Restaurant continues to appear every week as a weekly panelist either.
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          Wednesday, May 15 2013, 12:46 AM - #permalink
          Larz is on point. A few weeks ago on Twitter David Kaplan said he'd like to have a baseball discussion with several beat writers and tagged Paul Sullivan in his tweet and Sully replied that he was banned from Sports Talk Live.

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