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Audio clips of classic Chicago radio!
(And sometimes, even classic Chicago TV audio...)
Airchecks, funny bits, vintage moments, songs, jingles, rarities, and so much more!

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Please note: The audio quality has been improved as much as possible, but overall quality will vary from recording to recording. Some older recordings may contain weaker audio, minor tape hiss, or even vinyl record snaps & pops.

Chicagoland Radio & Media makes no ownership or copyright claims on any of the audio recordings below. Recordings are posted here for entertainment, historical, and educational purposes only.

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WBEZ-FM 4/18/06 - Lisa Labuz talks about the Governor George Ryan case

This audio clip comes from eight years ago today -- April 18, 2006. WBEZ-FM's "Morning Edition" host Lisa Labuz takes a look at the then-ongoing legal case against former IL Governor George Ryan. She spoke live to Ohio State University Professor of Law Douglas Berman regarding what punishment could be handed down to Ryan by the courts. (Running time: 3:58)

John Coleman - 'You Can See Clearly Now' 1973

With former Chicago weatherman John Coleman announcing his retirement this week, here is an audio look back at his "singing career." In early 1973, to celebrate WLS-TV/ABC 7's transmitter move from the John Hancock Building to the Sears Tower, the following single was cut as a promotional tool. It is by John Coleman and The Weathermen (which is simply ABC 7's Coleman and some hired local studio musicians.) The song is "You Can See Clearly Now (The Sears Tower Song)" -- a take off on the 1972 Johnny Nash hit "I Can See Clearly Now." The new lyrics were written by none other than Brandon Tartikoff, one of the biggest television network executives of all time, who in 1973, was just a young sales and promotions person for WLS-TV. This song was also used in 1973 television promos for ABC 7, announcing the new, stronger TV signal. The song was pressed on to thin flexi-discs and given away to fans via mail order. For this CRM Audio section clip, the hiss, pops, and clicks of the original poor quality vinyl pressing have been cleaned up as much as possible. Here now is that song by the not-so-golden-throated John Coleman... (Running time: 2:41)

WNUA-FM Smooth Jazz Jingles 2006

From 2006, here is a jingle package for WNUA-FM when it was Chicago's top-rated Smooth Jazz station. (Running time: 3:58)

WLS-AM - Drew Peterson's April Fools Joke w/ Mancow & Pat Cassidy 4/01/09

Every April Fools' Day, one thing that can be be expected is bad radio pranks. Here is one of the worst ones ever from April 1, 2009. WLS-AM had a short-lived talk show hosted by shock jock Mancow Muller and (then) former WBBM-AM news anchor Pat Cassidy. A frequent guest of the show was Drew Peterson, a man who at that time was suspected of killing two of his wives. (He was later found guilty of murder of one of his wives, while the search for the body of a second wife continues to this day.) Mancow and Peterson had struck up a friendship off the air. Also, Mancow long had a reputation for having fake phone calls on his radio shows, often hiring actors to portray twisted people to call in. It should come as no surprise that Mancow asked his friend Drew Peterson to do a fake call. Peterson, who is willing to do anything for attention, had no problem agreeing to a gag. The April Fools' "bit" had Drew Peterson calling Mancow's WLS-AM show, saying he wanted to "confess." He would then call back in a half-hour to give his confession over the air. 30 minutes later, Peterson was back on the line with his confession. Instead of admitting crimes against his wives, he gave a plug for a tavern/restaurant that his attorney Joel Brodsky co-owned, Addiction Sports Bar and Grill (which closed a few months after this bit aired). Peterson, who was clearly reading words off a piece of paper, ended his call by saying "Happy April Fools' Day, Mancow," laughed at himself, and hung up. Mancow then did his fake radio anger/bad acting bit for a while, pretending to be upset at the prank. Of the many dozens of bad radio April Fools' jokes in Chicago radio history, this could easily be considered the lowest and most tasteless. The following is the audio of Drew Peterson's "confession." (Running time: 1:03)

WYKT-FM - Freak's Farewell Show 3/28/14

On March 28, 2014, WYKT-FM/The Kat 105.5 afternoon drive personality Freak said his goodbye on the air. The Will County Active Rock radio station released Freak in a cost-cutting move. In addition to being a DJ, Freak was the station's Program Director, Music Director, and heavily involved with promotions. More than that, he was the station's heart and soul, making the move a shocking one. The following is an aircheck of Freak's last 15 minutes on the air on WYKT-FM, including his goodbye speech. (Running time: 6:32)

WCFL-AM - Bob Dearborn Final Hour Aircheck - 03/15/76

38 years ago this month, Chicago's WCFL-AM flipped from a Top 40/Rock format to a Beautiful Music format. The change in direction resulted in all but one of the DJs being released. This audio clip is an aircheck for midday DJ Bob Dearborn's final hour on the air at WCFL-AM, recorded on March 15, 1976. He ended his shift with some songs about leaving, including "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" and "Midnight Train to Georgia," as well as a brief, but classy spoken farewell to his co-workers and fans. (Running time: 6:10)

WXCD-FM - Alan Stagg aircheck 3/21/00

One of the best overnight DJs Chicago ever had was the late Allan Stagg. A true artist, Stagg used the radio waves as his canvas. He created an overnight show called "Sanctuary." This was much more than just a classic rock program. Stagg interwove movie and television show clips, sound effects, bizarre audio drop-ins, his naturally deep voice, and his unnaturally twisted sense of humor to create a unique radio listening experience -- one that had not been heard since the progressive rock FM radio days of late 1960s/early 1970s. His talents brought his "Sanctuary" show a large and loyal following. Here now is a sample of one of his overnight shows from WXCD-FM (now WLS-FM), taken from 14 years ago today - March 21, 2000. This aircheck is of almost his entire show that one night. Turn off the lights, kick back, space out, and enjoy. (Running time: 47:23)

WJMK-FM Bo Reynolds aircheck 03/14/11

This audio clip comes from WJMK-FM/104.3 K-Hits from three years ago this month, featuring then-afternoon host Bo Reynolds aircheck. This was recorded on March 14, 2011 -- just five days after the K-Hits format/branding was launched. (Running time: 6:20)

WLS-AM Ad On WCFL-AM - March 1976

38 years ago this month, WCFL-AM/Super CFL flipped from a Top 40 format to a "Beautiful Music" format. In the days before that format flip on 3/15/76, other Rock and Top 40 radio stations began advertising on WCFL-AM to try and woo those listeners over to them. Here is one of those commercials, this one for WCFL-AM's direct competitor, WLS-AM. (Running time: 1:02)

WXFM - Triad Radio ID - February 1974

This quick audio clip comes from 40 years ago this month -- February 1974. It is a radio ID for the former WXFM-FM, aka the extremely freeform, progressive rock station known as Triad Radio. (Running time: 0:11)

WCFL-AM - Think Green Promo - February 1967

In February 1967, Chicago's WCFL was holding its "Think Green" promotion to help push the spring season closer and give away prizes to listeners. Here is a promo ad for WCFL from 47 years ago this week. (Running time: 0:19)

WLS-AM - Roe And Garry Show 02/18/04 - Last Day Of Garry Meier's Contract

Today is the ten year anniversary of the end of Garry Meier's contract with WLS-AM and his radio partnership with Roe Conn. The following is an aircheck of the final, official "Roe & Garry Show" on WLS-AM from February 18, 2004. Garry Meier is not heard on this particular radio show, as station management had removed him from the airwaves the month before as a failed negotiating tactic. What is heard is Roe Conn talking about how he and Meier are still a team and will be working together again in the near future -- either on WLS-AM or on another radio station. Of course, that never came to be. The following aircheck takes a portion from the beginning of the show, where at the start of the 2:00pm hour, Conn talks about Garry Meier, as well as much audio from the final 5:00pm hour, where Conn again brings up the subject of Meier and his contract situation. (Running time: 29:06)

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