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Audio clips of classic Chicago radio!
(And sometimes, even classic Chicago TV audio...)
Airchecks, funny bits, vintage moments, songs, jingles, rarities, and so much more!

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Please note: The audio quality has been improved as much as possible, but overall quality will vary from recording to recording. Some older recordings may contain weaker audio, minor tape hiss, or even vinyl record snaps & pops.

Chicagoland Radio & Media makes no ownership or copyright claims on any of the audio recordings below. Recordings are posted here for entertainment, historical, and educational purposes only.

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Tommy Edwards' Farewell Speech - WJMK-FM 9/12/14

Chicago radio icon Tommy Edwards retired yesterday after 54 years on the radio. As expected, he signed off in a classy way. As the Jackson 5 song "Never Can Say Goodbye" ended shortly before 2:00pm, Edwards said: "OK... After 54 years, time to sign off. I got to tell you, it's been a great ride. And before I do, I want to thank CBS management team here in Chicago. Especially Rod Zimmerman and Todd Cavanah. And special thanks to Bob Lawson and Gil Sanchez, too. And thanks to Dave, Garry, Jeffrey, and Floyd. And thanks to the promotions, sales, production staffs for everything. Special thanks to Penny Jackson for decorating the studio. You went out of the way. I'm just... I was blown away this morning. I should have thanked all the other management teams I've worked for. I wish I had, but I do want to thank all of you listeners for growing up with me. You know, that's the one thing I heard from callers all week -- how you grew up listening to me. And I was growing up, too. My three kids have always tagged along with the moves without complaints -- Shannon, Amy, Tommy. And finally, there's one person who deserves my... my most sincere thanks. And that's my bride of over four decades, Mary Lou. She's here in the studio. I have had the time of my life! I'm Tommy Edwards -- I'll be talkin' to you." At that point, an obviously emotional Edwards played "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes and exited for the last time as a radio DJ. It was a lovely end to a lovely radio career. For those who missed it or just wish to experience it again, hear Tommy Edwards' goodbye speech on WJMK-FM/K-Hits 104.3 right here... (Running time: 1:45)

100.3 The Point - 1993 jingles

From 1990-1995, the radio station at 100.3 went by the call letters WPNT-FM and was known as "100.3 The Point." (The station is now WILV-FM/Chicago's 100.3.) This audio selection is a collection of jingles used by WPNT-FM in 1993. (Running time: 0:41)

WSEX-FM aircheck 08/25/87

From January 1983 through January 1989, the suburban radio station at 92.7 FM had the attention-grabbing call letters of WSEX-FM. The station was an adult contemporary "Lovesongs & More" format that eventually changed to a "Top 10" format, plying only songs from the 1980s that reached into the top ten of Billboard's music charts. (The station is currently using the call letters of WCPY-FM, a Polish-language format during the daytime and an EDM format at night.) This audio clip is a quick aircheck of WSEX-FM from 27 years ago today -- August 25, 1987. (Running time: 2:20)

Steve Dahl & Co - WDAI-FM, August 1978

This audio selection comes August 1978, as former Chicago classic rock station WDAI-FM's then-new morning show host Steve Dahl has some fun on the air. At the time, Dahl did not work with any partners. Instead, he did numerous voices (most of which did not sound all that different from Dahl's own voice). Also heard on this audio clip is a weather update from newsman "Dr. Walt."
(Running time: 10:25)

Matt Spiegel Announcement Regarding The Exit Of Dan McNeil From The Score - WSCR-AM 8/15/14

Earlier today, WSCR-AM/670 The Score announced that their midday co-host Dan McNeil had chosen to not sign a contract with the station, and was unsure he even wished to do sports talk radio at this time in his life. As of this week, Dan McNeil was officially gone from the station, which was now looking for his replacement. (See the full story HERE.) The following is the audio clip of McNeil's co-host of the past five years, Matt Spiegel, making the announcement on the air today and sharing some of his own heart-felt opinions on the situation. (Running time: 9:30)

WNIS-FM Newscast - August 11, 1976

From the start of summer 1975 until the end of 1976, Chicago's 101.1 FM went by the call letters of WNIS and featured an all-news format. The CRM Audio selection here features the half hour 5:30pm newscast from WNIS-FM from this date, 38 years ago, with only the few commercials edited out. (This was back when commercial breaks were only 60 seconds long.) Among the news anchors and reporters heard here include: Roger Shotts (sp?), Bill Cameron, Rick Sallinger, Bob Epstein, Jack O'Rourke, Susan Tick, Carol Bowie (sp?), Elliot Abrams, and Steve Egan. (Running Time: 25:01)

Garry Meier & Randy Salerno - WCKG-FM August 2007

A frequent guest co-host to Garry Meier's short-lived 2007 WCKG-FM show was the late WBBM-TV/CBS 2 morning news anchor Randy Salerno. This audio clip has Salerno talking about his family's desire to come into Chicago from their home in Crystal Lake. Also heard on this quick clip is co-host "Elton Jim" Turano and news anchor Monica DeSantis. (Running time: 1:52)

Two Ton Baker - WGN-AM 08/01/47

In the 1940s and 1950s, a lot of nationally broadcast radio shows came out of Chicago. One such show was the 15-minute live music show featuring "Two Ton Baker, the Music Maker," done from Studio Two at WGN-AM. This morning show was distributed to stations nationwide via the Mutual Broadcasting System. Dick "Two Ton" Baker was heard on Chicago radio for many years -- from the late 1930s until his death in 1975. Locally, he was primarily heard on WGN-AM and also became a bit of a local TV star on WGN-TV and other stations. He was seen on WGN-TV on April 5, 1948, the very first day the TV station went on the air. Additionally, Baker would play nightclubs around town and released a few music albums. For Two Ton Baker's syndicated WGN radio show, he would simply play the piano and sing songs, mostly requests that were mailed in to him. The show ran for approximately 15 minutes with no commercial breaks. Here is one such show from 67 years ago today -- August 1, 1947 -- complete, with no edits. (Running time: 14:15)

Don Geronimo & Karen Hand - WBBM-FM, July 1984

This audio clip comes from 30 years ago this month. It features then-WBBM-FM/B96 morning show host Don Geronimo having some fun with listeners, as well as with traffic anchor Karen Hand. The aircheck below comes from July 3, 1984. (Running time: 7:42)

Tom Graye aircheck - Disco DAI 7/18/79

With this being the 35th anniversary of the famous "Disco Demolition" radio stunt of WLUP-FM, it seemed like a good time to also look at what the local Disco music station sounded like 35 years ago this month. This aircheck comes from WDAI-FM, aka "Disco DAI," and features nighttime jock Tom Graye from July 18, 1979. Graye also was a DJ on that same frequency a few years later when the station flipped to hit music station WLS-FM. (Running time: 2:59)

WGCI-FM - Jeanne Sparrow aircheck - 7/18/95

Long before she was the beloved television star on WCIU-TV's "You & Me This Morning," Jeanne Sparrow was a Chicago radio personality. This audio clip is an aircheck of Sparrow's from 19 years ago on this very date (July 18, 1995) when she worked at WGCI-FM. (Running time: 11:08)

WGRT-AM - Three Jingles From 1971

This audio clip features three station ID jingles from the Chicago soul music station of the late 1960s and early 1970s, WGRT-AM. These jingles were heard over the airwaves in 1971. (Running time: 0:32)

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