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Audio clips of classic Chicago radio!
(And sometimes, even classic Chicago TV audio...)
Airchecks, funny bits, vintage moments, songs, jingles, rarities, and so much more!

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Please note: The audio quality has been improved as much as possible, but overall quality will vary from recording to recording. Some older recordings may contain weaker audio, minor tape hiss, or even vinyl record snaps & pops.

Chicagoland Radio & Media makes no ownership or copyright claims on any of the audio recordings below. Recordings are posted here for entertainment, historical, and educational purposes only.

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Don Wade and Roma - 'Sarah Jessica Parker' - WLS-AM, 03/26/08

This audio clip features former WLS-AM morning show hosts Don Wade and Roma discussing a poll that portrays actress Sarah Jessica Parker in a negative light. The WLS-AM audio comes from nine years ago this date -- March 26, 2008. Besides the Wades, also heard here is newsman John Dempsey and traffic reporter Wendy Snyder. The famed Chicago husband and wife hosting team were heard on WLS-AM from August 1989 through September 2012 (not counting seven weeks in 2004, when they were off the air in a contract dispute). Sadly, Don Wade passed away from cancer in September 2013.
(Running time: 3:44)

Chicago's Lite Rock 102FM WCLR Jingles - Late 1980s

Chicago radio's 101.9 FM was originally WRSV-FM (1961-1970) and since 1989, WTMX-FM, but from the years 1970 through 1989, the station had the call letters of WCLR-FM. The station went from an all-instrumental "beautiful music" format (often referred to publicly as Muzak), to a soft pop and then soft rock format while it used the WCLR-FM call letters. The audio clip below is a collection of jingles used in the later 1980s by WCLR-FM, then branded as "Chicago's Lite Rock, 102 FM 'CLR." (Running time: 0:45)

Off Broadway USA concert w/ Sky Daniels introduction - WLUP-FM 3/16/80

There once was a time where Chicago rock stations would air live rock concerts on the radio on a very regular basis, something almost never done today. On this date 37 years ago -- the night of March 16, 1980 -- WLUP-FM/The Loop FM 98 was broadcasting live and without commercial interruption from the International Amphitheater in Chicago. The station was there promoting a huge concert starring British rockers UFO, with Chicago's own Off Broadway USA as the opening act. Off Broadway had just performed on that same stage the month before as part of WLUP-FM's LoopFest '80, but returned again in support of UFO. The audio clip below is Off Broadway's entire opening set that was broadcast on the Chicago airwaves on WLUP-FM. The Loop's afternoon DJ Sky Daniels is heard at the very beginning introducing the band from the stage. (Running time: 29:20)

Bob Zak Aircheck, WYSY-FM 1996-1997

Bob Zak has been working in Chicagoland radio for over three decades. Zak's radio career spans 14 outlets, beginning at Joliet's WJRC-AM in 1983. Since then, he has worked at WCCQ-FM, WJOL-AM, WCFL-FM, WCSF-FM, WJTW-FM, WCSJ-FM, WCKG-FM, WYSY-FM, and since 2003, at WERV-FM. Budget cutbacks forced out Zak from WERV-FM//95.9 The River this past July. The following audio clip is a demo reel of Zak's from 1996-1997 when he was a DJ with the former WYSY-FM/Y-108 (now WLEY-FM).
(Running time: 5:12)

Del Ward, WGN-AM 3/02/52

Del Ward was a Country music DJ on WGN-AM in 1951 and 1952, although she began to play more of that era's folk and pop songs, as well. Ward was first heard on WGN Radio in the overnight hours of 1:00am-6:00am. Her southern belle charm won over the hearts of radio listeners in dozens states and WGN-AM added an hour to her program, starting it at midnight. Although she was only with the station for around two years, her time there is quite famous as she became the first female overnight DJ in Chicago, as well as in the nation.

A media trailblazer, Ward began in radio in her native Macon, GA, and then moved up to South Bend, IN, before getting the call to come to Chicago's WGN-AM. She left Chicago at the start of 1953 to go New York, where she did radio and television. The following year Ward was back doing radio full-time in St. Louis, before moving back home to Macon in 1957 where she went on to become a local legend in both radio and TV. Ward was later inducted into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame -- the first women to be inducted.

This aircheck comes from 65 years ago this very date -- March 2, 1952 -- featuring a few minutes of Ward's overnight program on WGN-AM. (Running time: 5:13)

Herb Kent aircheck, WXFM-FM 7/13/81

There is no way to let Black History Month end without a salute to one of the all-time greatest radio DJs (African-American or otherwise), Mr. Herb Kent.

The legendary Kent, who had been working in radio since 1944 and never retired, passed away last year at the age of 88. Kent has been known by a few nicknames, including The Cool Gent, The King of the Dusties, and The Honorary Mayor of Bronzeville. Most of all he is known for being one of the longest-lasting and most important figures in Chicago radio history, as well as one the most influential and respected voices to ever be heard on American radio. Spanning a career of over seven decades, Kent has worked at such Chicago area stations as WVON-AM (where he was one of the station's famous "Good Guys"), WJJD-AM, WBEZ-FM, WXFM-FM, WGCI-FM, WMAQ-AM, WGES-AM, WBEE-AM, WHFC-AM, WJOB-AM, WGRY-AM, and of course, WVAZ-FM, where he had been since 1988.

The following audio clip is an aircheck of Kent's recorded off the airwaves. The aircheck features Kent working a Monday night shift on WXFM-FM (now WCFS-FM) from July 13, 1981. It also showcases Kent's wide-ranging musical tastes, as he played both 1980s new wave/punk/electronic music, along with R&B and dance hits. (Running time: 19:59)

Dean Richards interviews Fred Winston, WGN-AM 02/24/02

Fred Winston is one of Chicago radio's all-time greatest personalities. He began his career on Chicago radio as an afternoon DJ spinning the hits on WLS-AM in 1971. After almost six years there, he started his trek all across the Chicago radio dial, with stops at WMAQ-AM, WFYR-FM, WCFL-AM, back to WLS-AM, WJMK-FM, WLUP-FM, WPNT-FM, WXXY-FM, WJMK-FM, WJMK-HD2, WGN-AM, and WLS-FM.

On the morning of February 24, 2002, Winston came in to the WGN-AM showcase studios to sit down with another Chicago media legend, Dean Richards. Both Winston and Richards had previously worked together at WFYR-FM. Winston talked about his incredible Chicago radio career with Richards for nearly an hour. Other subjects covered included Winston's health and traditional Chinese medicine. Special guests included Winston's one-time newsman Lyle Dean and former traffic reporter "Major Tom" Johnson.
(Running time: 37:03)

Dr Brock aircheck, WCFL-AM 02/21/74

WCFL-AM/Super CFL DJ Dr. Brock was only in Chicago radio a very short time. He joined WCFL-AM in the late winter of 1974, but just over six months later, "The Doctor" was gone. During his brief time in Chicago, which was early on in his long radio career, the teenage nighttime jock is remembered for not showing his face in initial promotional photographs and asking listeners to guess what he looks like. The station even made a $500 contest out of it. Brock proudly called himself "ugliest mother in rock 'n' roll" then. After leaving WCFL-AM and Chicago later in 1974, he went on to gain on-air jobs in numerous other markets across the country, especially along the east coast and in the south, working in the radio industry for 42 years. William Grady Brock passed away at the age of 66 in June 2015.

The aircheck below comes from one of Brock's first-ever shows on Super CFL, taking place on on the evening of February 21, 1974 -- 43 years ago this date.
(Running time: 11:34)

Brotha' Fred & Angi interview Lady Gaga - WKSC-FM 5/20/11

Lady Gaga is the much-anticipated halftime act for Super Bowl 51 this weekend. To commemorate Lady Gaga's huge worldwide television appearance, this audio clip looks back at an interview she did on WKSC-FM/103.5 Kiss FM in Chicago on May 20, 2011. The interviewers were WKSC-FM morning show hosts Brotha' Fred* and Angi Taylor. (*Brotha's Fred's real name is Christopher Frederick but he has gone by the on-air name of Brotha' Fred -- and sometimes Bro'Fro' -- for most of his career. In August 2013, he finally dropped the "Brotha'" from his on-air name and now goes by the single moniker of Fred.) Fred and Angi Taylor have been hosting mornings together on WKSC-FM since January 2011.     (Running time: 6:32)

LoopFest '80 Promo - WLUP-FM, January 1980

This audio clip comes from 37 years ago this month. WLUP-FM/The Loop was promoting its huge two-day concert event LoopFest and created this on-air promo to sell tickets to it. LoopFest '80 took place on February 2nd and 3rd that year (12 hours long each day) and featured over 20 artists with Chicago connections, as well as station personalities and the original Loop spokesmodel Lorelei on stage to talk with the audience and introduce the acts. The bands playing included Steve Dahl & Teenage Radiation, Survivor, Off Broadway, Pezband, The Boyzz, The Hounds, The Kind, Tantrum, M&R Rush, Bitch, Pearl Handle Band, Dreamer, Arion, Europe, Ollie Ryce, Hot Mama Silver, Freeze, and others. Tickets were merely $2.98 in advance, or just $1 more at the Amphitheater box office the day of the show. It was a massive success for the Chicago rock station as 50,000 fans were said to have attended over the two days, gaining WLUP-FM a great deal of attention from the mainstream press. The voice heard in this ad is that of original announcer of The Loop, Russ James, also known on-air as "Russ Albums." (Running time: 0:59)

Dex Card aircheck - WLS-AM 01/21/65

Dex Card was best known as the afternoon DJ on WLS-AM from 1964-1967, coming to Chicago after many years of working in major markets nationwide. A few years after exiting WLS-AM, he also appeared on rival WCFL-AM on a freelance basis, doing some fill-in and weekend shows. After leaving Chicago radio, Card went into concert promotion around the Midwest, and then purchased a handful of radio stations in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin stations were sold in 1989. Card has been retired and living in Florida since 1993.

The following audio clip is an aircheck from 52 years ago this very day -- January 21, 1965. If features Card at the start of his afternoon shift on WLS-AM. (Running time 3:09)

Fred Winston aircheck - WFYR-FM, January 1978

Fred Winston is one of Chicago radio's all-time greatest personalities. He began his career on Chicago radio as an afternoon DJ spinning the hits on WLS-AM in 1971. After almost six years there, he started his trek all across the Chicago radio dial, with stops at WMAQ-AM, WFYR-FM, WCFL-AM, back to WLS-AM, WJMK-FM, WLUP-FM, WPNT-FM, WXXY-FM, WJMK-FM, WJMK-HD2, WGN-AM, and WLS-FM.

From 1977-1981, Winston was the popular morning show host on the former WFYR-FM 103.5 (now WKSC-FM). The following aircheck comes from 38 years ago this month -- January 1978 -- with Winston having some fun on a cold winter morning on WFYR-FM.
(Running time 4:17)

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