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The End of Dick & Doug on WCFL; Dick & Doug visit Fred Winston on WLS - March 1976

This entry onto the CRM Audio Page features two separate, but connected airchecks from March 1976 -- exactly 36 years ago.

At the start of March, 1976, WCFL-AM announced to its staff that the station would soon be flipping to a "Beautiful Music" and easy listening format and that all DJs (except Larry Lujack) were being fired in just a matter of days. On March 2, 1976, WCFL-AM allowed their morning team of Dick Sainte and Doug Dahlgren, aka "The Dick 'N Doug Show," to have one last day on the air, on the condition that they do NOT talk about it being their last show and not mention the upcoming format flip. Of course, Sainte & Dahlgren took to the airwaves and immediately said that this was their last show on the station, said why, continuously made fun of the WCFL jingle package done by Dallas' TM Productions (who was under contract to create new jingles for the station after the format flip), and called up competing WLS-AM DJ Fred Winston and had him on the air. General Manager Lew Witz was out of town, but heard about what was happening and became furious. Witz had Sales Manager Bob Gould come into the studio, a half hour before the official end of the show, a removed Dick & Doug from the airwaves. At 9:27am, WCFL went into a commercial, Gould had the engineers cut the microphones and Sainte & Dahlgren were escorted to the elevator immediately.

Dick & Doug's final words on the air on WCFL were them talking to Bob Gould, who was in the studio, talking with Lew Witz on the studio's hotline phone. Upon sensing they were in trouble with the boss, Dick Sainte said to Gould "If they're gonna jerk us off the air... Do it now, Bob!", which was daring the boss to take a stand. Dahlgren joked and said "...'take us off' sounds better..." and those were their last words on the air at WCFL-AM.

Also heard on this aircheck, in addition to Saint, Dahlgren, Gould, and Winston, are newsman Jim Frank and producer Warren Callahan.

Here is an aircheck featuring highlights of the final Dick 'N Doug Show taken from just before 7:00am until their last words at 9:27am. (Running time: 7:07)

This second audio clip comes from a few days later, March 12th, when the now-fired Dick & Doug pay a visit to Fred Winston on WLS-AM, spending the whole last hour of the show with him, and even pretending to toss him out of the studio to take over his show. This is classic '70s radio! (Running time: 19:38)

Dick Sainte and Doug Dalgren were paired as a team on WCFL-AM in the fall of 1974. The two had great chemistry together and were a big hit with fans. After being among the airstaff fired from WCFL in the spring or 1976, the two eventually went their separate ways, each working in other markets. Dick Sainte passed away in 2005 at the age of 67. Doug Dahlgren is retired from radio and has returned to live here in the Chicago area.

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