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Chicago Radio Profile - Various Airchecks From 1973

This long audio clip contains numerous quick airchecks taken from Chicago radio from nearly 40 years ago -- May & June 1973. Hear the energetic 70's DJs, station IDs, jingles, music, commercials, and more. Listen to 24 radio stations in a little under 28 minutes! Included here are:
WLS-AM (Top 40) Lyle Dean, Fred Winston, John Landecker
WMAQ-FM (Automated Hits) Misc sets
WAIT-AM (Beautiful Music) ID, Dick Buckley
WCLR-FM (Beautiful Music) ID
WNUS-AM/FM (Beautiful Music) ID
WLAK-FM (Beautiful Music) ID
WFMF-FM (Beautiful Music) ID
WDAI-FM (Album Rock) Dave Van Dyke
WBBM-FM (Album Rock) Tony Phillips
WSDM-FM (Rock/Jazz) Yvonne Daniels
WIND-AM (Talk/Oldies) Larry "The Legend" Johnson, Bob DelGiorno, Ron Britain
WGLD-FM (Oldies) Kurt Sennet
WFYR-FM (Automated Oldies) Misc. sets
WBBM-AM (All-News) Dale McCarren
WJJD-AM/FM (Country) Ted Clark, Jim Belas
WGRT-AM (Soul) Don Sainte-Johnn
WMAQ-AM (Talk/MOR) Joel Sebastian
WDHF-FM (MOR) John Bodnar, Marty Finkel
WVON-AM (Soul) E. Rodney Jones, Jay Johnson, Jim Maloney
WEFM-AM (Classical) ID
WNIB-FM (Classical) ID
WFMT-FM (Classical) ID
WGN-AM (Talk/MOR) Wally Phillips
WCFL-AM (Top 40) Bob Dearborn, Larry Lujack's "Klunk Letters of the Day"
Audio recorded by and courtesy of Greg Barman. (Running time: 27:42)

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