Brotha' Fred & Angi interview Lady Gaga - WKSC-FM 5/20/11

Lady Gaga is the much-anticipated halftime act for Super Bowl 51 this weekend. To commemorate Lady Gaga's huge worldwide television appearance, this audio clip looks back at an interview she did on WKSC-FM/103.5 Kiss FM in Chicago on May 20, 2011. The interviewers were WKSC-FM morning show hosts Brotha' Fred* and Angi Taylor. (*Brotha's Fred's real name is Christopher Frederick but he has gone by the on-air name of Brotha' Fred -- and sometimes Bro'Fro' -- for most of his career. In August 2013, he finally dropped the "Brotha'" from his on-air name and now goes by the single moniker of Fred.) Fred and Angi Taylor have been hosting mornings together on WKSC-FM since January 2011.     (Running time: 6:32)