Dr Brock aircheck, WCFL-AM 02/21/74

WCFL-AM/Super CFL DJ Dr. Brock was only in Chicago radio a very short time. He joined WCFL-AM in the late winter of 1974, but just over six months later, "The Doctor" was gone. During his brief time in Chicago, which was early on in his long radio career, the teenage nighttime jock is remembered for not showing his face in initial promotional photographs and asking listeners to guess what he looks like. The station even made a $500 contest out of it. Brock proudly called himself "ugliest mother in rock 'n' roll" then. After leaving WCFL-AM and Chicago later in 1974, he went on to gain on-air jobs in numerous other markets across the country, especially along the east coast and in the south, working in the radio industry for 42 years. William Grady Brock passed away at the age of 66 in June 2015.

The aircheck below comes from one of Brock's first-ever shows on Super CFL, taking place on on the evening of February 21, 1974 -- 43 years ago this date.
(Running time: 11:34)