Off Broadway USA concert w/ Sky Daniels introduction - WLUP-FM 3/16/80

There once was a time where Chicago rock stations would air live rock concerts on the radio on a very regular basis, something almost never done today. On this date 37 years ago -- the night of March 16, 1980 -- WLUP-FM/The Loop FM 98 was broadcasting live and without commercial interruption from the International Amphitheater in Chicago. The station was there promoting a huge concert starring British rockers UFO, with Chicago's own Off Broadway USA as the opening act. Off Broadway had just performed on that same stage the month before as part of WLUP-FM's LoopFest '80, but returned again in support of UFO. The audio clip below is Off Broadway's entire opening set that was broadcast on the Chicago airwaves on WLUP-FM. The Loop's afternoon DJ Sky Daniels is heard at the very beginning introducing the band from the stage. (Running time: 29:20)