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Audio clips of classic Chicago radio!
(And sometimes, even classic Chicago TV audio...)
Airchecks, funny bits, vintage moments, songs, jingles, rarities, and so much more!

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Please note: The audio quality has been improved as much as possible, but overall quality will vary from recording to recording. Some older recordings may contain weaker audio, minor tape hiss, or even vinyl record snaps & pops.

Chicagoland Radio & Media makes no ownership or copyright claims on any of the audio recordings below. Recordings are posted here for entertainment, historical, and educational purposes only.

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The WCFL-AM/Ken Draper Story

This very special audio addition is a one-hour documentary on Chicago's famed 1960s/1970s Top 40 radio station, WCFL. It features numerous jingles, airchecks, music and many more memories from WCFL's Chicago radio heyday. Most of all, it features an interview with Ken Draper, the legendary General Manager/Program Director who helped create the original Top 40 sound of WCFL. He talks about how he picked all the jocks, like Jim Runyon, Joel Sebastian, Dick Williamson, Jim Stagg, Ron Brittain, Barney Pip, Larry Lujack, and more. Plus, Draper talks about all the other inside stories about the launching of one of Chicago's most memorable stations. Draper was with WCFL from 1965-1968. He currently lives in Los Angeles and operates the political opinion website City Watch LA.

The interview with Draper took place three years ago, conducted by Jim Hampton, the host of the former Radio Recall podcast. Hampton told CRM: "I can't think of anyone whose accomplishments from that era are still revered like what Ken did at WCFL. Yes, there's Rick Sklar, Chuck Blore, Bill Drake, and a few. But Ken had a passion for personality radio, and the talent, and about making the station absolutely be 'Chicago.' This is the opposite of what's happening today. Which is sad, I think." Hampton -- who had a long career in radio, including time spent in the 1970s at WLS-AM as Production Director -- currently is CEO of the Los Angeles-based branding/marketing/design organization, Greenhouse Marketing Group.
(Running Time: 57:51)

Audio courtesy of Jim Hampton

John Howell & Garry Meier - WIND-AM, February 2009

The following audio clip comes from six years ago this week -- February 25, 2009. WIND-AM's then morning show co-host Cisco Cotto was on vacation for that week. The other co-host, John Howell, searched for guest hosts to fill in for Cotto, finding one of the biggest for this day: the then-unemployed Garry Meier. This guest hosting shot by Meier was just a few days prior to his week of guest hosting on WGN-AM, which led him to getting the job on a full-time basis there a few weeks later, eventually becoming the station's top personality for a few years. How did a very non-political Garry Meier do on a very political station? By using his Radio Hall of Fame sense of humor to avoid the subject as best he could. Hear the fun right here... (Running time: 1:03:33)

Bart Shore hosting on US99.5 02/23/88

The following aircheck comes from 28 years ago today -- February 23, 1988 -- as Bart Shore was hosting on Chicago's WUSN-FM/US99.5. On this clip, Shore has fun playing Country music and calling a Las Vegas wedding chapel. Also heard is on the audio is another Chicago radio veteran, Ken Cocker. Of course, most people know of Bart Shore as the longtime traffic reporter, heard each weekday morning on WBBM-AM/Newsradio 780 and as the host of the daily Time Warp Radio podcast. Before joining WBBM-AM in 2000 (and WMAQ-AM three years prior to that), he was a music DJ on WLAK-FM, WUSN-FM, WLOO-FM, WCZE-AM, and the Chicago-based Interstate Radio Network. (Running time: 4:53)

Baseline w/ Tony Sculfield, Bonnie DeShong, Ramonski Love, More - 02/20/15

As mentioned on this website last week, many Chicago radio personalities are donating their time to fill in for one of their peers, Chris Base, who is away from his online radio show "Baseline" for a couple of weeks, while he deals with the sad passing of his wife. This past Friday's "Baseline" turned out to be a star-studded affair, with many of Chicago's biggest media names stopping by or calling in to wish Chris Base well. The program was produced by Chicago radio "super producer" Art Porter, and hosted by longtime Chicago radio voices Tony Sculfield and Bonnie DeShong. Among the many media guests were Ramonski Love, Art Norman, Sybil Wilkes, famed Chicago radio programmer Elroy Smith, and the Rev. Jessie Jackson. The following audio is the entire show from 2/20/15 (with music and commercials edited out), exclusively presented here, courtesy of the show's producers and Urban Broadcast Media. (Running time: 1:35:59)

Don Wade and Roma 'Baby Races' - WLS-AM, February 2008

This audio clip features former WLS-AM morning show hosts Don Wade and Roma having some fun, discussing the subject of baby racing in-between periods during a Chicago Wolves game. The WLS-AM audio comes from February 29, 2008. (2008 was a leap year.) Besides the Wades, also heard here is newsman John Dempsey and traffic reporter Wendy Snyder. The husband and wife hosting team were heard on WLS-AM mornings from August 1989 through September 2012 (not counting seven weeks in 2004, when they were off the air in a contract dispute). (Running time: 9:56)

Matt Speigel Announces Jason Goff's Return To The Score - WSCR-AM 02/18/15

After over two years away, Jason Goff is returning to WSCR-AM/670 The Score next week. He will team up with Matt Spiegel as co-host of the 9:00am-1:00pm midday show. The full details of this story can be found HERE in the CRM News section. The following audio clip is the on-air announcement, with Matt Spiegel letting fans know that Jason Goff will be his new radio partner. (Running time: 7:23)

WFYR-FM Jingles From 1989

The following audio clip is a handful of jingles from 1989 for the former WFYR-FM (now WKSC-FM). These jingles were created for the station by Dallas-based jingle provider Century 21. Chicago's 103.5 was known as WFYR-FM from March 1973 through April 1991. Among the formats the station had during those years was Oldies, an Oldies/Top 40 hybrid, and finally, an easy listening format. These jingles were made for the station's Soft A/C format days near its end. (Running time: 1:12)

Patrick Mannelly Announces His Exit - WSCR-AM 02/02/15

Earlier today, WSCR-AM/670 The Score midday co-host and former Chicago Bears star Patrick Mannelly announced he will be stepping away from his daily radio duties He will remain with the station as its Chicago Bears and NFL expert, the role he was originally hired for last summer. Mannelly will also be willing to step in as a fill-in host when needed. The full story can be read HERE. The following is Mannelly's announcement on the airwaves, along with partner Matt Spiegel's response to the news. (Running time: 4:43)

New Steve Dahl Show theme by Dag Juhlin 'Say Hello To The Stever'

As every Chicago radio fan knows by now, local radio icon Steve Dahl recently made his triumphant return to the afternoon airwaves on WLS-AM. Since a new show deserves a new theme song, one of Steve Dahl's producers and daily on-air contributor, Dag Juhlin delivered that rocking new theme. Premiering this month, the new theme song that opens up Dahl's WLS-AM show at 2:00pm is called "Say Hello To The Stever." In addition to his radio and podcast work with Dahl these past few years, Dag Juhlin has a long musical history, playing in national acts such as Poi Dog Pondering, as well as his own local bands, such as Expo 76 and The Slugs. For the new theme song, the talented Dag Juhlin composed, sang, and played all parts of the track. Here now is the full version of "Say Hello To The Stever," Steve Dahl's new theme song by Dag Juhlin. (Running time: 1:37)

Dag Juhlin and Steve Dahl

Carla Leonardo aircheck - WKQX-FM 01/24/85

The following audio clip is an aircheck 30 years ago today: January 24, 1985. It features the late, great Chicago radio personality Carla Leonardo, who was filling in for the station's overnight DJ on that particular night. At this time, WKQX-FM was a female-targeted Top 40/Hot AC station struggling to find an identity and audience. It was then branded as "Q101 - Chicago's Music Station."
(Running time: 4:47)

Dean Richards salutes Ray Rayner - WGN-AM, January 2004

Beloved Chicago television entertainer Ray Rayner passed away on this date in 2004 at the age of 84. Born Raymond Rahner, he changed the spelling of his last name for his television work for ease of pronunciation. After starting out in radio in a few other markets, Rayner came to Chicago in the early 1950 to join WBKB-TV (which later became WBBM-TV) as an announcer. Soon after, he was given his own morning kids show called "Rayner Shine," as well as a Noon program aimed at older kids called "The Ray Rayner Show." He went on to host other children's programming like "The Little Show" and "Popeye's Firehouse." In 1961, Rayner moved to WGN-TV. He quickly played the role of Sgt. Pettibone on "The Dick Tracy Show" and as Oliver O. Oliver on "Bozo's Circus." In 1962, he started the role he would be best remembered for: himself as the morning host of "Ray Rayner and His Friends." That hugely popular show ran until 1981.

A few days after his passing, WGN-AM weekend host Dean Richards had a wonderful audio salute to Rayner. Clips from Rayner's career, past interviews of Rayner (and Dr. Lester Fisher), and numerous guests joined Richards. Those guests including Jim Engel, Al Hall, "Miss Beverly" Marston, Don "Sandy" Sandberg, and Rich "Son of Svengoolie" Koz. The following is that salute to Ray Rayner by Dean Richards from January 25, 2004. (Running time: 1:01:54)

Johnny & The Leisure Suits 'Red Snow In Idaho' 1984

With fans of Jonathon Brandmeier having to wait just a little bit longer for him to have his new studio set up and begin his 2015 shows, here is a song of his from his early days in Chicago: "Red Snow In Idaho." Using a catchy, upbeat tune, the song details out the mass rabbit killings in Mudd Lake, Idaho from the early 1980s. Also heard at the start of the song is a former alter-ego of Brandmeier's, a "little boy" named Roger. This song was actually written a couple of years prior to coming to Chicago in 1983, but this studio version comes from the 1984 album by his band Johnny & The Leisure Suits entitled "Almost Live." (Despite demand, the album was only released in limited quantities on vinyl and cassette. The long-out-of-print "Almost Live" was never remastered and made available for CD or digital download.)
(Running time: 3:43)

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