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WBBM-FM's 'B96 Blaster' Jingles - 1998/1999

WBBM-FM/B96 had a new jingle package created in 1998 for use through 1999. This was during the period of time when WBBM-FM was a Rhythmic CHR station, branded as "Chicago's Dance Beat - B96." PORS Impact Creative, based in Netherlands (although the company also had offices in Dallas, TX in the U.S.), was hired to create the jingle package, which was named "B96 Blaster." The following is that entire jingle package. (Running time: 2:52)

Chet Coppock Brain Aneurysm Foundation PSA, November 2015

As exclusively reported HERE, Chicago broadcasting legend Chet Coppock has done his part to help spread brain aneurysm awareness. The Brain Aneurysm Foundation asked the famed broadcaster to record a public service announcement, using his highly recognizable voice to help inform the public. That PSA will now be distributed to radio stations nationwide for airing and streaming. Here is that newly recorded spot. (Running time: 0:30)

Dick Biondi Moves To Weekends Announcement, WLS-FM 11/18/15

As reported HERE, Radio Hall of Famer and living legend Dick Biondi announced that he will be giving up his very late night hours on WLS-FM and will instead be moving to weekend mornings only on the Classic Hits station. It's the end of an era, as the radio icon is giving up full-time hours to now only be heard part-time. The following is the brief on-air announcement regarding this change in his career that Biondi made on his final late night show: November 18, 2015. (Running time: 1:20)

'Red Grange Football Show' - November 1950, WGN-AM

Red Grange is an Illinois football legend, who became a superstar with the University of Illinois and later with the Chicago Bears. After retiring from football in 1934, Grange went into broadcasting, where he announced Bears games and college football games. He later hosted his own long-running radio program, "The Red Grange Football Show." This syndicated 15-minute program covered news of college and professional football and made predictions of the upcoming weekend's games. It was heard locally on WGN-AM. The following is an entire show of Grange's (with commercials edited out) from 65 years ago this week. The program aired on Friday, November 10, 1950. Grange passed away in 1991 at the age of 87. (Running time: 11:21)

Jerry G Bishop aircheck, WMAQ-AM 11/05/74

From 41 years ago today -- November 5, 1974 -- the following audio clip is an aircheck of WMAQ-AM morning show host Jerry G. Bishop. It contains many of the same elements used on his "Svengoolie" show on WFLD-TV, including humorous songs, sound effects, making fun of Berwyn, and interacting with funny drop-ins. Also helping Bishop out behind the scenes is Rich Koz, the current "Svengoolie." Chicago radio and television veteran Bishop worked mornings on WMAQ-AM from 1973-1975. He was one of the funniest and most enjoyable radio personalities Chicago ever had, as this clip will help demonstrate. (Running time: 7:38)

Shark Aircheck - Q87.7, October 2012

In the long radio career of Chicago radio veteran Eric Austin, most of which has been in Chicago, he has gone by the radio names of Ric Stone, when he worked for WTMX-FM/101.9 The Mix, and his childhood nickname of "Shark," which may be the name he is best known for. When he was with the former WCFS-FM/Fresh 105.9, he began using the Eric Austin name. Besides the aforementioned WCFS-FM and WTMX-FM, other Chicago stations he has been heard on include WKQX-FM/Q101, WKIE-FM/WKIF-FM/92Kiss-FM, WZZN-FM/The Zone, WJMK-FM/104.3 K-Hits, and WKQX-LP/Q87.7. Longtime fans of the Chicago Rush arena football team will remember Shark as the original PA announcer for the first five years of the team. In June 2011, he was awarded a Silver Dome award as "Best Radio Personality" from the Illinois Broadcasters Association for his weekend work at WTMX-FM the summer before. This aircheck comes from just three years ago this month, while Shark was at WKQX-LP/Q87.7 (which has since moved down the dial and become WKQX-FM/101WKQX). It is a collection of moments from a few days within the month of October 2012. Eric/Shark is currently seeking his next radio opportunity.(Running time: 2:06)

Larry Lujack aircheck, WLS-AM 10/19/70

This aircheck comes from 45 years ago today. It features Larry Lujack working his morning shift on Monday, October 19, 1970. This was from Lujack's first of two stints with WLS-AM. Lujack worked at WLS-AM from 1967-1972 and again from 1976-1987. This audio clip also features on of Lujack's famous "Klunk Letter of the Day." Enjoy a nice, long aircheck of "Superjock." (Running time: 8:40)

Big Ron O'Brien aircheck, WCFL-AM October 1973

One of the most exciting DJs on Chicago radio in the 1970's was Big Ron O'Brien. The radio personality worked at WCFL-AM in Chicago from June 1972-December 1973, and again from July 1975-January 1976. A radio nomad, O'Brien also worked on the air from coast to coast in such markets as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Atlanta, Detroit, St. Louis, San Diego, and Los Angeles. The following is an aircheck of his from his first go-round on "Super CFL" from 42 years ago this month: October 1973. (Running time: 3:31)

WRCX-FM/Rock 103.5 Cubs Playoffs Promo From 1998

With the Cubs back into the post-season this month for the first time in years, the following audio clip is a kind of salute to that. In 1998, the Cubs had also returned to the post-season, bringing hope to Cubs fans. WRCX-FM/Rock 103.5 recorded the following rockin' promo in late September of that year congratulating the Cubs. (Running time: 1:14)

Mancow aircheck, WKQX-FM September 2004

Radio shock jock Matthew Erich Muller, best known by his on-air nickname of simply Mancow, has worked in Chicago radio on and off since 1994. From 1998-2006, Mancow was heard on WKQX-FM, then branded as Q101. The following is an aircheck of snippets from Mancow's Q101 show from this month in 2004. (Running time: 5:03)

Lucky Cordell 'This Is The Woman I Love' (1969 Single)

Chicago radio legend Moses Linberg Cordell, Jr. is best known by his nicknames "Lucky" and "The Baron of Bounce." Sadly, Cordell passed away in July of this year at the age of 86. He began working in Chicago area radio in 1952 at WGES-AM. Cordell worked at various other stations in the 1950s and early 1960s -- including a long, popular run at WGRY-AM in Gary, IN and a year at WYNR-AM. In 1963, he became one of the initial "Good Guys" at the launch of WVON-AM. In addition to be a DJ on the air, Cordell moved up the ranks at the station off the air, becoming music director, program director, assistant general manager, and by 1970, general manager. Under his leadership, WVON-AM became one of the biggest radio stations in Chicago and one of the most influential R&B stations in the country.

In 1969, Cordell took time away from his busy schedule of running WVON-AM to record a soul single, entitled "This Is The Woman I Love." The single was a love song produced by WVON-AM DJ and the station's music director at that time, Richard Pegue, who also wrote and arranged the music and co-wrote the spoken word lyrics. (The multi-talented Pegue passed away in March 2009 at the age of 64.) "This Is The Woman I Love" was first released in the late summer/early fall of 1969 as a 45 RPM single on the Cotillion record label, as well as on the Nickel Records label. Included here is that 1969 single that was sung (spoken, actually) by Lucky Cordell. (Running time: 2:42)

WGN-AM's Bob Collins 'Furtive Family Of Fine Frogs' (1980)

Bob Collins was the king of morning ratings and a beloved personality on WGN-AM. He was with the station from 1974 through his untimely death in February 2000. A reoccurring bit on Collins' show was the "Tyrone F. Gundelman Don't Call Us We'll Call You Amateur Hour," where listeners could call in and put on a mini-show. One of the most popular one of these segments, and easily one of the most fondly remembered segments of Collins' entire radio career, was the audio clip below. It is the "Furtive Family Of Fine Frogs" from 1980. There is no easy way to describe this bit, so it's best just to listen. Enjoy the boisterous and infectious laughter of Collins, along with station announcer Carl Greyson as this bit unfolds. (Running time: 5:41)

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