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C.R.M. Video Section
Video clips of classic Chicago television & radio moments!

WGN-TV's Jim Ramsey Gets A Surprise

WGN-TV meteorologist Jim Ramsey had a little bit of help delivering his weather forecast one September morning, as a pair of Playboy Bunnies surprised him by joining him on camera. Here is some of that weathercast from 2011...

Oprah Winfrey - News Anchor

In April 1984, long before her talk show fame, Oprah Winfrey tried her hand at becoming an afternoon news anchor for WLS-TV/ABC 7. The following is a brief clip of Oprah Winfrey with veteran Chicago anchor Joel Daly delivering the news.

CD 94.7 Kevin Matthews Commercial - 1999

The following video is a 1999 television commercial for WXCD-FM, best known as "CD 94.7." This commercial, entitled "Rocky," was done as a promo for then-morning show host Kevin Matthews, and featured Matthews' "sidekick" Jimmy Shorts as the voice-over announcer.

A Video Tribute To Larry Lujack

Art Vuolo, Jr., aka "Radio's Best Friend," has produced a 73-minute tribute video to the late "Super Jock" Larry Lujack. The following is a condensed version running nearly 13 minutes. The full 73-minute version can be purchased for $20 from Art Vuolo, Jr. via his website, VuoloVideo.com.

Magic 104 FM Television Commercial - 1987

Back when WJMK-FM was the popular Oldies station known as "Magic 104 FM," they ran this commercial on Chicago television. This ad comes from 1987.

Larry Lujack 'Off The Record' w/ Robb Weller

Larry Lujack, who did not enjoy interviews, agreed to give a long interview to WLS-TV's Robb Weller (the former host of "AM Chicago") in 1981 for the TV show "Off The Record." Here is pretty much the entire special, presented in three parts.

(Note: These videos were placed in the CRM Video section almost three years ago, but with the sad news of the death of Larry Lujack, this local TV special was worth reposting.)

Robin Robinson's Final FOX 32 Newscast

After 26 years with WFLD-TV, Robin Robinson anchored her final newscast on November 26th. This is her farewell speech...

WMET 1983 TV Commercial

This Chicago television commercial comes from 1983. It is for WMET-FM, a classic rock station trying to grab the local radio listener's attention away from its many rivals. This particular commercial features actress Geena Davis, seen here a couple of years before she was well-known. (The WMET call letters were on this station from 1976-1985. For two years, the station was WRXR-FM, and since 1987, has been WNUA-FM.)

Long Chevrolet's 'Extra Extra' Kid Gets Pied

For a couple of years, Chicago television audience had to endure the Long Chevrolet commercials with a young man pretending to be an old tyme newspaper vendor, yelling "Extra! Extra!" and announcing a car sale. One commercial made it all worthwhile as the boy takes a whipped creme pie to the face. Here is that classic Chicago commercial...

A Look At WLS-TV's 'Jubilee Showcase'

Each Sunday morning from 1963 until 1984, WLS-TV/ABC 7 broadcast the Emmy Award-winning gospel music show, "Jubilee Showcase." With trailblazing television program celebrating its 50th anniversary this Fall, here is a look at the very special program...

Jerry G. Bishop Visits The Son Of Svengoolie

With this week's sad news about the passing of Jerry G. Bishop, here is a video from 1984, where Bishop, the original Svengoolie, visits with the Son of Svengoolie to sing a parody song about himself. (Video from The Museum of Classic Chicago Television.)

Bob Sirott Says Goodbye To WFLD-TV

This past Tuesday night, news anchor Bob Sirott signed off from WFLD-TV/FOX 32. A video montage of his Chicago broadcasting career played and Sirott jokingly ended the segment with saying "Stay classy, San Diego," the tagline from the comedy movie "Anchorman." See the video here...

Jerryoke - Ladies Only

Today is Labor Day. Since this day just doesn't feel the same without Jerry Lewis, here is WGN Morning News producer Jeff Hoover with his hilarious impersonation of the famed singer/actor/telethon host...

Clark Weber - 1984 WIND-AM TV Commercial

This is a Chicago-only television commercial, which ran in 1984, promoting Clark Weber's morning show on WIND-AM.

Disco Demolition Night at Chicago's Comiskey Park - 4/12/79

Today is the 34th anniversary of the famous "Disco Demolition Night" radio stunt that took place in Chicago. Relive that fateful night in this mini-documentary from ESPN...

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