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Video clips of classic Chicago television & radio moments!

Larry Lujack & WCFL's Final Rock & Roll Music Broadcast

Here is an aircheck put to video featuring the final few minutes of WCFL-AM 1000 before the station flipped and stopped playing Top 40 music and rock & roll. The audio here comes from the late afternoon of March 15, 1976, just minutes before the station became a new "Beautiful Music" format at 5:00pm. The last rock jock on that frequency and the voice you will hear is the legendary Larry Lujack...

"How Chicago Rocked The 60's" w/ Bob Sirott

In 2001, WTTW's "Chicago Tonight" aired an excellent piece on one of their "Chicago Stories" segments called "How Chicago Rocked The 60's." It was narrated & written by former WLS DJ, Bob Sirott and directed by Jock Hedblade (who is currently the producer of WLS-AM's "Roe Conn Show"). The program looked at an innocent & exciting time in Chicago radio when local bands could find their way onto the airwaves of WLS or WCFL, using that to propel them to nationwide fame. In this, Bob Sirott talks with legendary DJs Dick Biondi and Herb Kent as well as numerous stars of 60's Chicago bands. This mini-documentary won an Emmy Award for excellence the following Spring. Here now is the majority of Bob Sirott's "How Chicago Rocked The 60's," as presented in three parts.

(Note: Due to an enabling issue with these particular videos, you may have to click on them twice, which will open up the video on You Tube's website. They are worth the added effort.)

WMET Old Chicago Commercial

Old Chicago, the ill-fated indoor amusement park in Bolingbrook, aired commercials on the radio. Here is one from WMET-FM from 1977, voiced by Mike O'Brien.

CBS2 News 1977 - "Nobody Does It Better"

In 1977, Carly Simon had a #1 hit with "Nobody Does It Better." CBS2 wanted a #1 rating for their newscasts and borrowed the "Nobody Does It Better" slogan. Here now is a promo for WBBM-TV's newscasts from 1977.

Remembering Richard Pegue

It was one year ago today that Chicago radio lost one of its finest-ever voices, when Richard Pegue passed away at the too-young age of 64. Here are a few videos that showcase Richard Pegue's many talents. The first video is a great interview of Mr. Pegue by another Chicago radio & TV veteran, Ty Wansley. The second is an overview of his life featuring quotes from his friends & co-workers including Herb Kent. The third is an old radio interview where Mr. Pegue talks about his jingle career. The final video a visual salute to the man.

Richard Pegue -- July 29, 1944-March 03, 2009.
He is missed.

Paul Harvey, 1918-2009

One year ago today, Chicago-based broadcaster Paul Harvey passed away at the age of 90. Here is a brief look at Mr. Harvey with his own words:

A Video Tribute To Johnny "Red" Kerr and "Stormin'" Norm Van Lier

It was one year ago today, that Chicago lost two Chicago Bulls icons and local broadcasters: Johnny Kerr and Norm Van Lier. Here now are a pair of video tributes. The first was put together by the Chicago Bulls as part of a celebration of the lives of the two men a few days after their passing. The second video is done by a fan. It's been a year, but "Red" & "Stormin' Norman" are still very much missed.

WSDM-FM Aircheck

The following video contains an aircheck from a weekend broadcast on Chicago's WSDM-FM 98. WSDM stood for "Smack Dab in the Middle" and was also called "the station with the girls," as they proudly had an all-female DJ line-up. WSDM eventually became WLUP a few years later. The images in the video below have little or nothing to do with WSDM itself, but the audio from 1970 is well worth listening too. Also, pay close attention near the end of the clip, where a MusiCraft commercial is read. That voice is DJ Dawn, better known as Chicago's Top Rock Girly Jock, Connie Szerszen. Enjoy...!

Herb Kent - Storyteller

Not only is Herb Kent a legendary Chicago radio personality, but he is a great story teller. Here is a prime example of that:

A Salute to Harry Caray

It was on this day, February 18th, back in 1998, that Chicago and the world lost sports announcer Harry Caray. Here now is a video salute to the man.

Harry was at his best when he would go off on wild tangents about any given subject. Here, Harry talks with Steve Stone about why he doesn't like Cracker Jacks. Note how even during a rant, he never misses calling a play.

You cannot have a Harry Caray salute and not include a 7th inning stretch. This one is from July of 1985:

And here are a pair of TV commercials featuring Mr. Caray:

Steve King - Satan is Her Name

With this weekend being the 25th Anniversary of the Steve & Johnnie Show on WGN (see my blog about this silver anniversary at this link HERE), I thought with be a good time to post up a video with a connection to that. Before starting his impressive radio career, Steve King was in a band called Steve King and the Echelons in the early 60's. One of the songs they recorded was this little nugget that was written by Mr. King, called, "Satan Is Her Name." A couple of years ago, a fan took the song and made a video for it, using scenes from the 1965 Russ Meyer movie, "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" Here is the song and video for your enjoyment:

Mancow's Eagle Woman Commercial

With the big news today about Mancow's firing from WLS, it seemed like a good time to whip this little video out. Here is the sequel to the famous EagleMan commercial for Eagle Insurance, this one featuring Chicago's own shock jock and Eagle Woman.
If he can't get back into Chicago radio, Mancow Muller always has his fine acting abilities to fall back on...

Meier & Turano/Stan & Terry/Steve & Buzz say Goodbye on WCKG

October 29th, 2007 was the end of last major FM talk station in Chicago, WCKG-FM. In these three behind-the-scenes video clips, WCKG's morning & afternoon teams say their goodbyes to the audience. First Garry Meier, along with his partner in crime "Elton Jim" Turano end their show with a classy farewell. After that Stan & Terry say their goodbyes to their fans. (Stan & Terry also make an appearance on the Garry Meier video.) Lastly, Steve Dahl makes the announcement that "The Steve Dahl Show" would be moving to WJMK-FM the following week.

A "Where Are They Now" follow up...
Garry Meier was off air for about a year and a half before he & Jim Turano resurfaced on WGN-AM in the Spring of 2009. Terry Armour sadly passed away just two months after this video was shot. Although he did a few guest shots on WGN-AM weekends, Stan Lawrence is currently out of radio. Steve Dahl & Buzz Kilman did the morning show at WJMK-FM for just over 1 year before being pulled off the air in December 2008. Dahl is currently doing podcasts from his home, while waiting out his contract with CBS Radio. Kilman is still off the air.

Classic Chicago Bears Super Bowl Commercials

There is a lot of talk about a commercial that will air in a few hours during the Super Bowl. That commercial features a reunion of a few members of the Super Bowl Shuffle music video. This will not be the first time members of the '85 Bears reunited for a Super Bowl commercial. In fact, it's becoming pretty commonplace. Here are a couple of older commercials made for Super Bowl broadcasts from years past that feature members of the best Bears team of all time:

National Weatherman's Day

Today, Tuesday February 5th, is National Weatherman's Day. It's true! Everybody can have a holiday now! Well, to commemorate this particular holiday, here is a video saluting Chicago's weather experts...

Since it IS a holiday after all, here are a couple of Tom Skilling bonus videos, from the comedic minds of the WGN Morning News...

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