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Video clips of classic Chicago television & radio moments!

I Am Black Chicago by Harold Lee Rush

With February being Black History Month, I cannot think of a better way to salute the month than with the following salute to Chicago's Black History. It features the voice of Chicago radio & TV veteran, Harold Lee Rush. Mr. Rush has been an on-air personality and producer for WGCI-AM/FM, WVON-AM, WLNR-FM/WJPC-FM, WKKC-FM, CAN-TV and more. He also helps shape the minds of young broadcasters as a trainer for the Broadcast programs at Kennedy King College/City Colleges of Chicago. (He previously taught at Columbia College, as well.) Here, he puts his vocal & written talents to great use with this spoken word work of art, "I Am Black Chicago."

(To read the words to this amazing piece, click on the "Read more..." button.)

Read more: I Am Black Chicago by Harold Lee Rush

WCLR-FM Commercial from 1984

Another commercial, this time for the late WCLR-FM, from the summer of 1984.

Classic Moo & Oink local TV commercial

We'll be back after this commercial message...

Bruce Wolf's State of the Union Address

With President Obama making his first State of the Union address just a few days ago, it seemed like a good time to show this State of the Union address, delivered by not by a President, but by Chicago TV/Radio funnyman, Bruce Wolf on the short-lived "Barely Today" early morning show on WMAQ-TV. This comes from January 2007:

Bob Sirott interviews Chicago Radio Personalities about the Grammys

With the Grammy Awards just over 24 hours away, now is the perfect time to post up the following video. This clip from 1984 features Bob Sirott interviewing people about their Grammy predictions. After talking with a few people on the street, he turns to a group of (then) Chicago morning radio personalities for their opinions. Seen on this clip are Don Geronimo, Larry Lujack, Jonathon Brandmeier, Bob Wall and Robert Murphy.

The Love/Hate Relationship of Gene Siskel & Roger Ebert

Here are a pair of videos that shows the friction between Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert on their TV show "Siskel & Ebert and the Movies" was quite real. The first one is just some light-hearted making fun of each other, much like a celebrity roast. The second video is much more heated and nasty, but ends with a laugh. These two gentlemen definately had a love/hate relationship with each other...

A Tribute To Wesley South

Just over two weeks ago, Chicago radio pioneer Wesley South passed away at the age of 95. You can read about his passing on the CRM News page at this link HERE. WVON Radio put together this quick video tribute to Mr. South:

Don Geronimo WBBM-FM Commercial - 1984

Michael Sorce was a radio DJ who got his start working on Chicago radio, where he was given the radio name of Don Geronimo -- a name that has stuck with him ever since. He began working at WLS-FM, then moved to nights at WBBM-FM, and soon after to mornings on WBBM-FM, replacing Dick Biondi. He didn't last too long on B96, though. His career here was rather brief. Fittingly, here is a brief commercial for his B96 Morning Show from the Fall of 1984.

Steve Dahl "Do You Think I'm Disco?"

Here is Steve Dahl & Teenage Radiation's parody song from 1979, "Do You Think I'm Disco?" with images added by a Steve Dahl fan.

Johnny B's Pizza Hut Commercial

Jonathon Brandmeier did a local commercial for Pizza Hut in the mid-80's (back when he still had that bushy mustache). It is on this video clip of old Chicago TV commercials, right after the old Aldi commercial.

Mulqueen's Kiddie-A-Go-Go 1966

Sing a long now...
"Kiddie-A-Go-Go, Go-Go,
Kiddie-A-Go-Go, Go-Go..."

In the late 60's, Chicago television had it's own pint-sized version of "American Bandstand" called "Mulqueen's Kiddie-A-Go-Go." Part-rock dance program, part-children's program, part-acid trip, this show entertained audiences with its musical guests, oddly perky host named Pandora and some ultra-low-tech commercials. Here now are the intro and outro of a show from 1966, guest-starring local rockers, the New Colony 6:

WMAQ-TV's "Sorting It Out" - May 1974

The following is a video from WMAQ-TV's "Sorting It Out" from May of 1974. It attempts to explain how TV transmissions worked in the mid-70's.

Mike Royko talks Chicago softball @ The Billy Goat Tavern

Arguably, the greatest newspaper columnist of all time was Chicago's Mike Royko. One of his many passions was Chicago-style softball. This video is an interview with Mike Royko talking about softball, is from July 1982, recorded at Royko's favorite hangout, The Billy Goat Tavern.

John Howell & Stephanie Miller on WCKG

Here is a buried treasure! Long before Big John Howell & Stephanie Miller were doing political talk radio, they were the morning team on "All Classic Rock" WCKG-FM 105.9. Here is basically an aircheck with accompanying video. Also included are quick shots of newsman Steve Scott (formerly of WLS-AM and currently at WCBS-AM in NY) and sports anchor Jim Volkman (here seen using his regular voice and not his dead-on impersonation of Harry Caray). Rock along with John & Stephanie with this video from March 30th, 1989.

Common Ground: Chicago Black Radio Roundtable Discussion

WBBM-TV used to have a weekly public affairs and talk program called "Common Ground." From an episode of "Common Ground" from 1982, here is a discussion with a few of Chicago's top radio talent from its Urban-targeted radio stations about the (then) state of Black radio. The interviewees are Bob Wall from WGCI-FM, Tom Joyner from WJPC-AM, Lee Michaels from WBMX-FM and Bobby O'Jay from WVON-AM. The video quality is not the best and it ends abruptly, but still a great look back and some great Chicago talents.

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