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Video clips of classic Chicago television & radio moments!

A Tribute to Jan C Gabriel

As you can read in my blog from earlier today, Jan C Gabriel passed away yesterday. Here is a look at one particular repeated word and that reoccurring commercial that made him so famous

Here we have a very quick clip with WTTW's John Callaway narrating over a Jan Gabriel commercial:

A longer look at one of Jan Gabriel's "SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!" commercials:

Lastly, here is a video of Bob Sirott and John Callaway talking about and with Jan Gabriel on WTTW's Chicago Tonight:

The Dancing "Joey Bag O Donuts" WLUP Commercial

Who remembers "Joey Bag O Donuts?" He became famous around Chicagoland for being the chubby guy dancing in a series of WLUP-FM TV commercials. (He also became well known in other cities, as the advertising agency & production company who made this commercial, syndicated it out to over 80 other markets in the US & Canada, with different radio station logos coming on at the end.) I recall being at a bar on the south side of Chicago in the early 90's where this local "celebrity" was doing an appearance and handing out Xeroxed autographed caricatures of himself, trying to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame. "Joey's" real name is Eustachio Robert Marena, an actor who never achieved any fame higher than being that "dancing fat guy" on those commercials. Here is one of the original commercials that featured "Joey Bag O Donuts" entitled "Cuz."

Johnny Morris interviews an angry Mike Ditka... in his underwear

On his ChicagoNow blog "Kap's Corner," WGN's Dave Kaplan describes how he came across this raw video footage of an angry Mike Ditka in his underwear, doing an interview with WBBM-TV's Johnny Morris. The following is from October 9, 1988. Make sure you watch until the end where you get to see Da' Coach's legs and a laughing Mike Tomczak. (Note: In addition to the raw video, there is some raw language, as well.)

I thought I was on the fo'c'sle of a tramp STEAMER!

Probably the most famous live crowd shot in Chicago TV history. For some odd reason, WBBM-TV thought it would be a good idea to send their top investigative reporter, John "Bulldog" Drummond, to interview drunken fans after the Chicago Bears were eliminated from repeating as Super Bowl champs on a cold January evening in 1987. This clip features the famous line, "I thought I was on the fo'c'sle of a tramp STEAMER!" Don't mess with the Bulldog, kids.

WGN Salutes John Drury

This video clip is WGN-TV News' salute to one of the best Chicago news anchors ever, John Drury. John passed away on November 25th, 2007 from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, aka Lou Gehrig's Disease. The video, from the day after his death, looks at his many years with WLS-TV, WGN-TV and more.

WGN-AM Bears Commercial from 1986

With the Chicago Bears set to play their final game on the 2009 season in just a matter of hours, it seemed like a good time to play this TV commercial for WGN Radio's Bears Broadcasts from 1986. (This was before the Bears decided to move the broadcasts back to WBBM-AM.)

The History of WLS radio in 5.5 minutes

Here is a video clip covering WLS' full history in just about five and a half minutes.

Svengoolie Street

Gather up the kiddies! It's time for some education! The original Svengoolie shows us his version of Sesame Street...

The original Svengoolie: Jerry G. Bishop

The following is a quick clip of the ORIGINAL Svengoolie, played by Chicago DJ Jerry G. Bishop. "Sven" was the ghost-host of Chicago TV's "Screaming Yellow Theater." Here, he's singing a parody song with Zelda, the talking skull. (The original Svengoolie was a bit of a hippie. Check out those scaaaaary pants!)

WLUP Lorelei Commercial 1979

Here is one of the most famous television commercials for a radio station of all time, one which was copied by numerous rock stations all across the country for many years. This was The Loop's first (and still greatest) "Rock Girl" Lorelei, and her famous lips promoting the music & DJs on WLUP in this original 1979 commercial:

Sadly, this video clip cuts off the last two seconds of the commercial, where Lorelei says her signature "POWWWW!"

I'm Tom FREAKIN' Skilling!!!

Pat Tomasulo, the sports anchor on the WGN Morning News, is better known for his often hilarious video skits than for his sportscasting. In this greatest of his bits, Pat is under the mistaken impression that he now owns WGN. Leave it WGN's weather expert Tom Skilling to set him straight...

Eagle Insurance Commercial 1993

Widely considered to be one of the very worst TV commercials of all time, here's Chicago's very own... EagleMan and the original 1993 commercial for Eagle Insurance:

Wolfman Jack on WLS-AM

This one needs little introduction. This is an aircheck of the legendary Wolfman Jack -- arguably the greatest rock DJ of all time -- broadcasting live on WLS-AM in March of 1976.

Steve Dahl & Garry Meier's "Low Budget" 1984 Special

In 1984, WLS-FM personalities Steve Dahl & Garry Meier did a local late night TV special called "An Extremely Low Budget Show." In this first segment of the long show, they explain the concept behind the show and visit a Michael Jackson look-a-like contest in Gary, IN. Stever even does his own MJ impersonation. It's a "Thriller."

John Records Landecker on WAGO/G-106

In 1984, 105.9 FM was briefly known as WAGO/G-106. Here is a commercial from then announcing their new morning show host, John Records Landecker:

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