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C.R.M. Video Section
Video clips of classic Chicago television & radio moments!

Suzy Snowflake - 1953

Originally airing on Chicago TV in December 1953 on "Garfield Goose and Friends" (then on WBBM-TV, before it moved to WGN-TV), here is the winter favorite, "Suzy Snowflake."

'Jim Shorts' interviews 'Harry' (Cavalcade of Sports For You)

Former Chicago radio & TV sports talker "Jim Shorts" (Kevin Matthews) interviews pretend Cubs/Sox broadcaster "Harry" (Jim Volkman) in this video clip. The video is made up from various shows of Keven Matthews' mid-90s cable television show "Cavalcade of Sports For You."

'Creature Features' Commercial 1973

Just in time for Halloween, here is a rare commercial for WGN-TV's "Creature Features" from 1973.

Greg Smith, the Reluctant Vampire

Here is a Halloween treat with three videos from the WGN Morning News over the last few years. They all feature "Greg Smith, the Reluctant Vampire," who in reality is WGN-TV contributor and top Chicago stand-up comedian Mike Toomey. Sink your fangs into these gems...

WLUP Commercial - 1980

Another classic Chicago TV commercial, this one again with the lovely Lorelei Shark, the Loop's first, and still greatest, spokes-model. Also featured on this commercial from 1980 are then-WLUP-FM DJs Steve Dahl, Garry Meier, Bruce Carey, Mitch Michaels, and Sky Daniels.

Melissa Foreman & 92Kiss-FM (2000)

In this fun video from 2000, Melissa Foreman, who was hosting the morning show on 92Kiss-FM (a tri-cast on WKIE-FM, WKIF-FM, and WDEK-FM), gave a quick tour of the Big City Radio-owned radio studios for 92Kiss-FM and WXXY-FM/The 80s Channel. The video also features Doug Stieg and Matt Palumbo, with Tony Lossanno doing the running camera work.

WMAQ-TV Newscast - 10/01/86

Here is a look at a WMAQ-TV newscast from 25 years ago this very day. It features news anchors Ron Magers and Deborah Norville, along with a meteorologist John Coleman, political editor Dick Kay, reporters Art Norman, Ray Suarez, Ysabel Duraon, and more.

Kiddieland Commercials

Here are a few commercials that aired on WGBO-TV for the former Melrose Park amusement park Kiddieland. The first comes from 1990, the rest come from 1993.

Hudson 3-2-700!

For so many years on local Chicago television, a carpet & upholstery cleaning company called Boushelle would advertise, using the catchy jingle of their phone number, "Hudson 3-2-700!" to stick in the minds of viewers. Here is a classic commercial from January 1993.

Herb Kent Visits The WGN Morning News

Just under 10 years ago, legendary Chicago DJ Herb Kent paid a visit to the WGN Morning News set to promote his upcoming live show "Old School Memories II: The Herb Kent Story." He showed (or tried anyway) to show the news anchors (Larry Potash and Rosanne Tellez) how to do some steppin'. Here is how it went down...

WMAQ-TV Newscast - 02/04/83

This video is the opening portion of an NBC 5 10:00pm newscast from February 4th, 1983 -- a couple of weeks before a historic mayoral primary election and the day Karen Carpenter passed away. The news anchors were Ron Magers and Linda Yu (both of which are now with WLS-TV). Classic commercials, including one for FM 100, are included.

WSCR's Dan McNeil's Car Commercials

WSCR-AM's Dan McNeil did a few commercials for a Ford car dealership in Highland, IN in 1995. Here are a pair of those classic commercials. (Note: Your eyes do not deceive you. The audio & video do not match up quite right. They are still fun to watch.)

WXRT Commercial - 1985

A quick television commercial for WXRT-FM from 1985...

Murphy's Dream - Q101 Robert Murphy commercial

With Robert Murphy returning to the WKQX-FM airwaves this morning (even if only for a temporary period of time), it seemed like the right tome to take a look at one of his classic Q101 commercials...

Steve Dahl and Disco Demolition

Yesterday was the 32nd anniversary of the WLUP radio stunt gone wacky: Disco Demolition. Here is some video of the event itself from Sox TV before it all went haywire and made worldwide news.

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