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C.R.M. Video Section
Video clips of classic Chicago television & radio moments!

Q101 Commercial - 2001

With the end of Q101 coming in just a matter of a few weeks, here is a look back at a classic Q101 television commercial from ten years ago...

The Empire Carpet Man: His Life and Times

With the sad death this week of Lynn Hauldren, better known as the Empire Carpet Man, tributes have been all over. Here is a very good one done by Marcus LeShock on the WGN Evening News last night...

Trey the Choklit Jok's 'Dem Damn Ratz'

WPWX-FM/Power 92's morning/midday host Trey Da Choklit Jok is part of a fun new animated short film. Trey created, co-wrote and does one of the voices in the comedy cartoon, "Dem Damn Ratz." The cartoon comes from some funny "rat" voices that used be done on his morning radio show. You can see the video for yourself on below. In addition to his radio work, Trey works with the Chicago improv comedy troupe, The Freshmen.

Larry Lujack 'Off The Record'

These three videos make up one long, in-depth interview of WLS' "Superjock" Larry Lujack. It is from WLS-TV from 1981, featuring host & interviewer Robb Weller, the former host of "AM Chicago." In addition to the interview, the "Off The Record" videos also feature some "Animal Stories" bits with Lujack & Tommy Edwards.

WBBM-FM's George McFly 1991

This is a brief video from WBBM-FM from 1991 that George McFly would probably wish was forgotten about. It features McFly rapping and also a cameo from Gary Spears. Both Spears & McFly are now reunited as jocks on WJMK-FM.

WLS-TV News Brief with Tim Weigel - 3/10/83

This video clip comes from March 3, 1983, as Tim Weigel, sportscaster turned hard news anchor temporarily, delivers an Eyewitness News Brief, letting afternoon movie viewers know what is coming up on the 4:30pm newscast on WLS-TV. Also seen is a WKQX-FM commercial with Robert Murphy.

Mike North interviews Harry Caray - 1997

WSCR-AM personality Mike North had a local cable show on Sports Channel called on the "On The Air." Here is a long segment where North interviewed beloved Chicago baseball broadcaster Harry Caray. This great program (with the commercials edited out) comes from April 1997, about 10 months prior to Harry Caray's passing.

WSCR-AM Morning Show - Fall 1995 - Behind The Scenes

Here is a terrific behind-the-scenes look at the WSCR-AM Morning Show with hosts Tom Shaer and Jim Memolo and producer Rick Gieser from the Fall of 1995. The video footage was shot by Mr. Shaer himself.

Jonathon Brandmeier - 'Hey Der Milwaukee Polka' (Live)

With the Green Bay Packers coming to town to challenge the Chicago Bears for the 2010 NFC Championship, it seems like the right time to post up this video from Chicago radio superstar Jonathon Brandmeier. The following is a live version of the "Hey Der Milwaukee Polka" from Johnny & The Leisure Suits from his 1988 video concert. Ya, Hey Der!

Siskel & Ebert on how to be a film critic

The Sun-Times' Roger Ebert and the Tribune's Gene Siskel give a lesson on how students can become great film critics. This was done from their "Siskel & Ebert At The Movies" television show.

WGN-TV's 'Walken in a Winter Wonderland'

WGN Morning News Producer Jeff Hoover happens to be one of the funniest people on a planet (not Earth necessarily, but some planet, somewhere). Here, the hilarious Hoover does his stellar Christopher Walken impersonation in a Christmas video, featuring none other than John Tesh on piano.

Steve Carell - 1989 Chicago TV Commercial

Before he became a worldwide TV & movie sensation, Steve Carell was a Second City comedic actor just looking for work in Chicago. Here is a commercial only shown on Chicago television in 1989 starring Steve Carell, promoting Brown's Chicken. (Note: The audio is a little low on this one, so turn up your speakers.)

WGN's Tom Skilling Karaokes the Christmas Classics

Here is a little something to get you into the Christmas spirit. WGN's Tom Skilling does a commercial parody for the WGN Morning News, with some holiday flair...

News Coverage of the Holiday Lite flip - 2008

Of course, the hot radio station this December is WLIT-FM, which is currently called "The Holiday Lite" - Chicago's all Holiday music station. Here is a look at some news clips from when the station flipped in 2008.

Kukla, Fran & Ollie - Lemonade 8/17/49

With the news that classic episodes of "Kukla, Fran & Ollie" are finally now out on DVD, here is a peak at one of those episodes, "Lemonade" from August 17, 1949.

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