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C.R.M. Video Section
Video clips of classic Chicago television & radio moments!

Dick Biondi Gets Inducted Into The Radio Hall Of Fame

In the fall of 1998, Chicago radio icon Dick Biondi was inducted into the national Radio Hall of Fame. Here is the video of that induction...

Bob Luce & Bobo Brazil commercial for One Stop - 1989

A classic Chicago-only commercial from 1989's Chicago Challenge Wrestling, feature the legendary Midwest wrestling promoter Bob Luce and 70's/80's wrestling superstar Bobo Brazil for the store, One Stop.

Bob Sirott Interviews John Mellencamp 11/28/96

Back when Bob Sirott hosted "Fox Thing In The Morning" on WFLD-TV, he did an interview with John Mellencamp, an artist he has interviewed many times before (and since). Here are both parts of that interview from November 28, 1996.

Randy Michaels Rants On

With the news that Randy Michaels will soon be out and no longer darkening the doorway of Tribune Company, let's look at what ol' Randy was like when he was on the radio. This is a clip of Randy from 1987, while he was at WLW-AM in Cincinnati, doing what he loves to do best... make controversy.

Doug Banks & Tom Joyner WGCI Commercial - 1989

From 1989, here is a TV commercial for WGCI, then known as "Power 107." It features Doug Banks and Tom Joyner, who are now nationally known, but back then, were exclusively Chicago's own.

US99's Nancy Turner from 1989

With the news today that Bill Garcia & Nancy Turner have joined up with ChicagoRadioOnline for their new Country channel, here is some "classic" Nancy Turner from her days at WUSN-FM from 1989:

Catching up with Marshall Brodien - Wizzo from 'Bozo's Circus'

Here is a short video interview with Marshall Brodien - best known as Wizzo the Wizard from WGN's "The Bozo Show" & "Bozo's Circus."

WGN's Greg Jarrett Plays With El Tri Live On Stage

Earlier this month, on Saturday, September 4th, the Mexican blues-rock band El Tri played a concert at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom. Joining them on stage for their single "Beseme" was WGN's morning host Greg Jarrett. Jarrett, in addition to being a long-time newsman, is also a bluesman who plays a mean harmonica. The video below was taken from the side of the stage that night, showing Jarrett (wearing a black shirt & white hat) playing the harp, along with Brad Kava (a radio & media columnist/blogger from northern CA, owner of the Santa Cruz Blues Festival, and a mean harp player himself) and El Tri's resident harp man, Rafael Soriano, all contributing to the song. Jarrett was visiting with his old friend Kava at El Tri's soundcheck much earlier. El Tri's leader Alex Lora liked what he heard while Jarrett & Kava were playing around together and invited Greg Jarrett to play on stage with the band that night. The video below shows the fun results.

Svengoolie - Lobo's Circus

A few months ago, during a WCIU-TV showing of "the Wolfman," Chicago's favorite TV ghoul, Svengoolie (aka Rich Koz) did a parody of the old children's show, "Bozo's Circus," only in keeping with the theme of the day, called it "Lobo's Circus." This one's not for the kiddies...

Fencl-Tufo Chevy City Commercials - 1985

Here are a pair of classic Chicago TV commercials from the Fencl-Tufo Chevy City dealership that aired during (and around) WGN-TV's Cubs broadcasts during the spring of 1985. (The dealership closed a few years later.)

CBS2 Reports On The Steve & Garry On-Air Reunion

Coming up on the 4 year anniversary of this stunning on-air reunion...

Jonathon Brandmeier Races Loop Rock Girls On A Camel

In a funny stunt in 2008, then WLUP-FM morning show host Jonathon Brandmeier raced a collection of Loop Rack Girl candidates, while riding on a camel at Hawthorn Race Track. Here is what happened:

WLS-TV's Tracy Butler Crashes A Scooter On Live TV

Tracy Butler, morning Meteorologist for WLS-TV, was doing a segment for the morning news, checking out the new Vespa scooter, when she decided to go for a ride. Throw in an unsuspecting pedestrian and no advance feel for how the Vespa's throttle works and you end up with some uncomfortable hilarity... and a Chicago media video classic.

Tribute To Chicago Broadcasting Legend, Merri Dee

Take a look at the amazing life of Ms. Merri Dee, a Chicago broadcasting legend. WGN-TV's Pam Grimes and Micah Materre created this tribune to Ms Dee upon her retirement from WGN-TV in October 2008, after 37 years there.

"Barely Today" with Bruce Wolf - 1st Show Opening

With all of the new 4:30am News shows coming soon to Chicago, its time to take another look at the best one from a few years ago: WMAQ-TV's "Barely Today" with Bruce Wolf as its principle anchor. Here is the opening sequence from the very first ever show in January 15th, 2007. Unfortunately, the show was too far ahead of its time and only lasted about five months. Had it been on in the summer of 2010, it would have been undoubtedly been a much bigger hit.

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