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C.R.M. Video Section
Video clips of classic Chicago television & radio moments!

Elmer the Elephant w/ John Conrad

Here are a couple of segments from a classic Chicago Children's television show. "Elmer the Elephant" aired on WNBQ/WMAQ in the early to mid-1950's. In these two clips, we find Elmer once again up to his old tricks, messing around with his human host, John Conrad.

Interview with Bill "BJ" Jackson

Bill Jackson, creator of such classic Chicago children's shows as "Cartoon Town," "BJ & Dirty Dragon," and "Gigglesnort Hotel," was interviewed on the night he was inducted into the Chicago/Midwest Chapter of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' prestigious Silver Circle: April 29, 2005. (The somewhat shaky interviewer is Jason Rimkus.)

WLS-AM TV Commercials - 2007

Here are a pair of local TV commercials for WLS-AM from 2007.

A Look At The Career Of Mal Bellairs

With the sad passing of Mal Bellairs today, here is a look at his incredible career in Chicago broadcasting, much of it from Mal Bellairs own words.

Disco Demolition's Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of the biggest radio promotion of all time: Disco Demolition. This incident from the night of July 12, 1979 was a joint White Sox/WLUP promotion, featuring the popular radio personalities Steve Dahl & Garry Meier. Here are a few videos that deal with this baseball stunt gone mad:

Steve Cochran Takes A Dive

Now-former WGN-AM radio star Steve Cochran was very sure Chicago was going to win the 2016 Olympics. So sure that he promised to synchronize swim in a kiddie pool on Michigan Avenue if Chicago did not get to host the event. With Chicago quickly losing that bid, Steve Cochran had to live up to his word and dive into a kiddie pool on Michigan Avenue... in the middle of October. Among those joining Steve Cochran in this funny clip are WGN's Dean Richards & Jim Turano, comedians Patti Vasquez & Tim Clue, Blackhawks mascot Tommy Hawk, a pair of Blackhawks Ice Crew ladies, and a total lack of self-respect. ;) Enjoy...

WFLD-TV's Lilia Chacon Says Goodbye

On July 2nd, 2010, Lilia Chacon said goodbye to WFLD-TV, her TV News home of over 21 years. In what is becoming a rarity nowadays, Fox32 allowed Lilia Chacon to work through the last day of her contract and even say goodbye to her fans and co-workers on the air. Here now is her goodbye from this past weekend:

WXXY-FM The 80's Channel TV Commercial

This video is a 30-second Chicago TV commercial for the short-lived WXXY-FM 80's format. This video comes from early 2000. (The quality is only fair, but still fun to see again.)

Nude Hippo: The Golden Age of Chicago Children's Television

In 2005, Tony Lossano, the creator/producer/host of the (then) cable access show "Nude Hippo," did a long segment for the "Hippo" program focusing on the Golden Age of Chicago's children's programming. In this documentary/interview piece, Lossano mainly looks at Bill Jackson's programs ("BJ & Dirty Dragon," "Cartoon Town," "Gigglesnort Hotel") and Chicago's "Bozo's Circus," with a quick look at "Svengoolie." A highly entertaining and informative film with some big name interview subjects. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED VIEWING!

Steve & Garry on the Lee Phillip Show

This video is a clash of two Chicago media giants. Legendary Chicago television host Lee Phillip Bell had a Sunday morning interview show, "The Lee Phillip Show," on WBBM-TV for almost 35 years. In the 80's, the kings of Chicago radio were the team of Steve Dahl & Garry Meier. Here, Lee Phillip, a media star from a generation before Dahl & Meier, tried to interview the new 80's media stars on her television show and the uncomfortable laughter begins...

WMAQ-TV 10PM News Promos - Late 60's

It's a two-fer! Here are a pair of old Chicago television commercials, both for WMAQ-TV's newscasts. The first one features sports anchor Johnny Morris (with a cameo from then wife Jeannie Morris). The second one focuses on newsman Len O'Connor. This comes from around 1968.

WCIU's Rich Koz - "Uz Guys" promo 1995

The following is a commercial from 1995 from Chicago's WCIU-TV, featuring the always entertaining Rich Koz.

WLS "Flynn-Daly Eyewitness News" Promo

Here is a television commercial from the late 70's promoting the legendary Chicago news team of Fahey Flynn, Joel Daly, Bill Frink, and John Coleman on WLS-TV/Channel 7.

'Harry Caray' & 'Steve Stone' with Johnny B

Jim Volkman does one of the greatest Harry Caray impersonations in all of Chicago. Here is a video clip of Jim guesting on the Jonathon Brandmeier radio show in the mid 80's doing both Harry Caray & Steve Stone impressions.

Chicago Blackhawks TV Commercial

Here is a television commercial made last year that sums up the feelings of so many long time 'Hawks fans...

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