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Video clips of classic Chicago television & radio moments!

A Look At The Loop FM98/AM 1000

The following is a mini-documentary from WTTW's Chicago Tonight on The Loop FM98/AM 1000 during the station's talk heyday. This film clip from the mid-80's features WLUP stars Jonathon Brandmeier, Steve Dahl, Garry Meier, Kevin Matthews, Jim Shorts, and General Manager, Jim DeCastro.

E Rodney Jones Talks about his Chicago radio career

With E Rodney Jones being inducted in the Broadcasters Hall of Fame this weekend, it seemed like a good time to show this video with Mr. Jones talking about his terrific radio career here in Chicago:

An Early Look At Jonathon Brandmeier

Before he was a bis star on Chicago radio, Jonathon Brandmeier was a seemingly overnight sensation in Phoenix, Arizona, as the radio star of KZZP-FM. The magazine-style local television show in Phoenix, "PM Magazine," took a pair of looks at this young radio star whose charisma quickly took over the town. Even back in 1981, where both of the following clips come from, Johnny B was "Just Havin' Fun":

Behind the Scenes at WGN's Bozo's Circus - 1977

This quick video from 1977 was shot on a little hand-held 8mm camera, and shows some behind the scenes footage of a WGN-TV taping of "Bozo's Circus." No need to adjust your speakers -- the film is silent.

Jim Shorts' Cavalcade of Sports Show

Jim Shorts, the ace sports reporter and sidekick to one-time WLUP/WCKG star Kevin Matthews, had his own spectacular sports show on SportsChannel back in the mid 90's. Here now in four parts, is episode #80 of "Jim Shorts' Cavalcade of Sports For You" from 1996. That's good, sucky!

WLUP Commercial 1984 w/ Patti Haze

The following is a television commercial that aired in the summer of 1984 in the Chicago market for WLUP-FM. The voiceover in this commercial is done by the beloved Chicago radio personality with the sexy, smokey voice, Ms. Patti Haze.

Sun-Times' "Expert" TV Commercials

The Chicago Sun-Times had a television advertising campaign back in late 80's called "Take An Expert With You." Here are a pair of these ads, one of which features Roger Ebert:

Dick Biondi Dedications

The legendary Dick Biondi celebrates his 50th anniversary of starting his Chicago radio career on WLS tonight. To help celebrate this momentous occasion, here is a clip of Dick Biondi dedications...

WSCR Hosts Sing About The Cubs

A few years ago, WSCR posted up a video featuring their (then) daily show hosts trying to sing the Chicago Cubs anthem "Hey, Hey, Holy Mackerel." (This was before the station became the flagship home of the Chicago White Sox.) Be afraid... Be very afraid...


At the stroke of midnight on June 25, 2008, Chicago's 94.7 frequency changed its call letters of WZZN-FM (which used to stand for "The Zone" many years prior), back to the classic call letters of WLS-FM. Here is a video of the aircheck of the transistion from one 'ZZN to 'LS, featuring the legendary (and still going strong) Dick Biondi.

WLS-TV Chicago Weathercast 1973

And now, a look at our weather (as it appeared on Sunday August 12, 1973, anyway). Here is a video clip from the WLS-TV/Channel 7 news featuring the weekend anchor Charles Row and weekend weatherman Steve Newman.

Wake Up, Chicago! - The Art Hellyer Story

Art Hellyer was a legend in Chicago broadcasting for more than half a century -- Chicago's original on-air bad boy. A documentary of Mr. Hellyer called "Wake Up Chicago! The Art Hellyer Story" covered his fascinating life. That documentary has been divided up into eight parts (to fit within YouTube's time constraints). Here is this fantastic documentary about this great Chicago talent...

Read more: Wake Up, Chicago! - The Art Hellyer Story

Chicago Tribune Guide to Newspaper Reporting?

"The Cheeseburger Show" is a program on Tribune-owned CLTV that mainly focuses on food. Sometimes they have a bit of fun, as seen on this video from a few months ago, sarcastically showing how the Chicago Tribune news reporters worked in the 50's:

WBBM-FM "Hot Hits!" TV Commercial From 1982

This television commercial from 1982 is pretty self-explanatory:

"Elton" Jim Turano on VH1's "Fan Club: Elton John"

From 2000-2002, VH1 aired a television show called "Fan Club" that turned the spotlight on a handful of die-hard fans for a given artist each week. One of those weeks looked at Elton John fans, one of which was Chicago radio's very own, "Elton" Jim Turano! This TV piece takes place well before he teamed up with Garry Meier for a run in mornings on WCKG-FM and currently finding success in afternoons on WGN-AM. (In this video, he is seen with Melissa Forman, guesting on her WLIT-FM show.) Here is a look at "Elton" Jim's love for the other "Elton":

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