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Roe Conn Ends The Syndicated 'Roe Report'

WLS-AM's Roe Conn has ended his syndicated short-form radio program, "The Roe Report." The final episode aired last Friday morning.

"The Roe Report" was one of the many short-form radio programs that started up in the wake of Paul Harvey's passing in late February 2009. In late March 2009, Roe Conn announced the start up his Harvey-esque three-minute look at the news. The radio program was originally syndicated by the ABC Radio Networks/Citadel Media (Citadel Broadcasting also owns WLS-AM, where Roe Conn is heard each weekday afternoon) and aired on Chicago's WLS-AM, New York's WABC-AM and Los Angeles' KABC-AM. Just over six months later, Roe Conn took his show away from Citadel Media and signed on with United Stations Radio Networks as the syndicator for "The Roe Report." Just under eleven months after that, the syndicated radio segment has come to its final end.

On the last minute of the last show, Roe Conn did say a goodbye and a thank you to the listeners and those who have worked on the program over the short lifespan it had. This was all done over the music of "Golden Slumbers" and "The End," both from The Beatles from the medley on their "Abbey Road" album.

You can hear Roe Conn's farewell here:

No reason for ending the program was given -- either on the program, Roe Conn's website, or anywhere else publicly.

Conn did not respond to a request from Friday to comment on the end of "The Roe Report." A spokesperson from USRN's Programming Department said to CRM today that the decision was mutually made to end the show due to Roe Conn's other media commitments. It just became too overwhelming for Conn to produce the daily "Roe Report" and the accompanying video content of the show, as well as be prepared for his other commitments. Rather than have the quality suffer, they decided it was best to end the syndicated show.

Though the syndicated segment show is no more, Conn continues to do his daily show on WLS-AM, where he has worked on the air since August, 1989. "The Roe Conn Show with Richard Roeper" airs weekdays from 2:00pm-6:00pm.

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