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Breaking News: Amy Jacobson OFF of the Roe Conn Show; More changes

Insiders are telling CRM that there are more changes coming to Roe Conn's show on Monday than just the addition of Cisco Cotto. The biggest change is that Amy Jacobson will no longer be there. She was informed of this decision after this evening's show ended. Instead, she was given a "promotion" to be WLS-AM's reporter for their newsroom. She will also now be Maura Myles' fill-in while Maura is off on maternity leave.

Amy Jacobson started at WLS-AM in June of 2008 doing some part-time fill-in work. In late March of 2009, she began as the full-time co-host/sidekick/traffic & news person for the "Roe Conn Show." As of early January 2010, she is done with the afternoon show.

Traffic reports on Roe & Cisco's show will now be done by traffic veteran, Jill Urchak, who will do the traffic from outside of the studio. Jill will not be allowed any interaction with Roe Conn, Cisco Cotto or Jim Johnson. No chit chat -- Traffic only. Johnson will handle the news headlines.

One more change for Monday: The official name of the afternoon show will now be "The Roe & Cisco Show." "The Roe Conn Show" title is no more.

For Monday, there should be no more changes other than all that. Privately however, the word is, if the declining ratings are not much, much better by spring, there will most definitely be more changes -- both behind the microphone and behind the scenes.

In the last few months, "The Roe Conn Show" has lost Christina Filiaggi, Bill Leff, Ron Magers, Amy Jacobson, ratings, and listeners. It has gained Cisco Cotto, but needs to gain a great deal more.

UPDATE 01/09/10: Regarding Jill Urchak's not being able to speak beyond her traffic updates... CRM is now being informed that this is not a "mandate." Since Jill also does traffic for other stations during the afternoon, she will not be able to listen to the WLS afternoon show. Being that her traffic duties will keep her somewhat busy, and she may be unaware of material that may have been discussed already, it would be best that she not comment on those subjects. However, if she were able to listen and have something new to contribute, she would be allowed to. She is not being banned from speaking at all.

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