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Robert Feder Joins 'Time Out Chicago' Website

When media critic & columnist Robert Feder decided to leave his online home of Chicago Public Radio's Vocalo.org/WBEZ.org on November 23rd, he promised "I won't be leaving the daily media beat. I expect to make an announcement about my new online home soon." Earlier today, Robert Feder lived up to that promise, announcing that he has joined the Time Out Chicago website as its new media blogger.

Frank Sennett is the President and Editor-in-Chief of Time Out Chicago, as well as a member of the Executive Committee of Time Out Chicago's publishing firm, Time Out Chicago Partners, L.L.L.P. He also happens to be a long-time friend of Robert Feder's. Early this morning, Sennett had the following announcement up on it's website:

Media critic Robert Feder joins Time Out Chicago

We are pleased to announce that noted Chicago media critic Robert Feder has joined Time Out Chicago and will begin reporting for us on January 3. More details:

Veteran Chicago journalist Robert Feder, who's been "serving up scoops and dishing dirt since 1980," has joined Time Out Chicago as media critic. Starting in January, his daily blog of news, opinion and analysis about broadcast, print and online media will appear on timeoutchicago.com, according to Frank Sennett, President and Editor-in-Chief of Time Out Chicago.

"What better way to underline Time Out Chicago's commitment to serious, vital cultural coverage of the city than to bring aboard the man who defines the media beat in this town?" Sennett said. "Rob brings to the table an incomparable ability to land important scoops. He's an incisive, insightful, must-read journalist who's coming off arguably the best year of his career. This is the biggest free-agent columnist signing in Chicago since Royko jumped to the Trib. We're thrilled to be able to showcase Robert Feder at Time Out Chicago and expand his already-strong readership base."

Feder, a nationally acclaimed columnist who covered television and radio at the Chicago Sun-Times for 28 years, resigned from the newspaper in 2008. After a one-year hiatus, he returned to the beat in an expanded role with Chicago Public Media, where he launched the Vocalo Blogs. Recognition for Feder's yearlong reporting on the management of Tribune Co. extended from The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune to Howard Stern and Walter Jacobson.

"I'm delighted to bring my blog to Time Out, and I invite readers to join me on this great new adventure as we continue our daily online conversation about Chicago media," Feder said. "I'm especially thrilled to be working with Frank Sennett, an extraordinarily gifted editor whom I've admired and respected for more than 20 years. I can't wait to be part of Frank's exciting vision for the future of Time Out Chicago."

A lifelong Chicagoan and graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, Feder is a 2009 inductee in the Medill Hall of Achievement. At age 14, he founded the first and only Walter Cronkite Fan Club.

Launched in 2005, Time Out Chicago boasts the city's largest cultural reporting team and is recognized as a leading source of arts and entertainment information. The signature of Time Out Chicago is its comprehensive listings sections and in-depth features, offering insight and information on music, clubs, film, theater, dining, drinking, books, shopping and more - all written and edited by a passionate staff of locals who are experts in their respective fields.

Feder left the Chicago Public Radio website due to a mishandled move to shift the blogs to a new website that was poorly designed and executed, among other reasons. He left the Chicago Sun-Times, his traditional media home of over 28 years, in October 2008, after accepting a contract buyout that the then-struggling newspaper offered him.

Time Out Chicago Magazine and its publishing company Time Out Chicago Partners, L.L.L.P. are owned primarily by Morningstar Inc. CEO Joe Mansueto and his Mansueto Ventures. It is also owned partly by investors, including the founder of Time Out Communications Ltd., Tony Elliott. Mansueto took controlling interest in the magazine company earlier this year. Time Out Chicago Partners, L.L.L.P. publishes the magazines Time Out Chicago, TOC Kids, Time Out Chicago Student Guide, and TOC Eating and Drinking Guides, as well as running TimeOutChicago.com.

Robert Feder will only be writing for the Time Out Chicago website currently. (It is possible that some of his online work could appear within the magazine eventually, though.) He plans on doing the same type of media blog that he has been doing for the past year at Vocalo.org.

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