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WXRT-FM Gets Into The Spirit, Goes All X-Mas At Night

WXRT-FM has gotten into the Christmas spirit and helping Chicago radio listeners do the same. Move over "Holiday Lite," because beginning tonight, the "X-Mas XRT" takes over. Starting at 8:00pm this evening and going until Midnight, WXRT will be playing nothing but the best rocking' Christmas tunes. This will go on every night on 93.1 FM until Christmas.

The station is calling this promotion "XRT's 12 Nights Of Christmas." Monday-Friday from 8:00pm-Midnight, plus Saturday night from 7:00pm-11:00pm, XRT's resident "Father Christmas," DJ Tom Marker, will be playing the best in upbeat yuletide tunes each night. Instead of playing the same few sleepy songs that a certain "Holiday" station plays, WXRT will be playing some old favorites, along with versions done by well-known XRT artists -- both new & classic. Some of the songs will be XRT exclusives and songs you will not hear on any other Chicago radio station -- all pulled from the vast XRT library of songs.

Additionally, for those who may have missed the 19th annual Local Anesthetic Holiday Spectacular last night, the program will be re-aired next Sunday night at 7:00pm. The one-hour show features local bands and their quick Holiday tunes, done exclusively for WXRT & host Richard Milne.

Like what WXRT does at nights, but just four hours of the best rock & roll X-mas tunes on XRT simply isn't enough? WXRT has an online version that goes 24/7 with no commercial interruptions. To stream the XRT Holiday Music Channel, click on this link HERE.

Tired of Bing Crosby, The Carpenters & Mariah Carey over and over and over again? XRT is putting the X back in X-mas music programming, starting tonight at 8:00pm.

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