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New WKSC-FM Morning Show Hired: Brotha' Fred's Morning Mayhem

Clear Channel Radio and WKSC-FM have wasted no time in hiring a replacement for their vacant morning show slot, which happened earlier this week with the firing of DreX. It now appears that the show will go to the morning show host of Charlotte, NC's WIBT-FM, Brotha' Fred.

There is no official word from any Clear Channel representatives, but according to some insiders, this is already a done deal. Brotha' Fred and his crew are moving to Chicago right after the first of the year and will begin on Chicago's Kiss-FM on January 17th. The official show name is "Brotha' Fred's Morning Mayhem."

It is expected that some of his supporting team will be made up of one holdover from DreX's show and a stand-up comedian. Angi Taylor will now be part of the Morning Mayhem crew, as will comedian David L. It appears that DreX producer Tommy Black will be retained, as well, but there is not yet confirmation of that.

His real name is Christopher Frederick, but he has gone by the on-air name of "Brotha' Fred" (and sometimes "Bro'Fro'") for most of his career. He had been based out of Charlotte, NC since July 2006, after finding success at KHFI-FM in Austin, TX for a few years prior to that. He was the afternoon host, plus MD/APD at KHFI-FM.

Fred is a native of Scottsdale, AZ and graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2003 where he majored in English. He also supposedly studied at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. He is 30 years old, single, and describes himself as "a tall, dorky white-boy." In his spare time, he is a licensed private pilot.

In Charlotte, Fred's morning show consistently has ranked at or near the very top of the 18-34 demographic in Arbitron ratings. His show is also syndicated out to numerous other Clear Channel stations nationwide and on XM Radio. That will continue, even though he will soon be based out of Chicago. He will continue to be heard on Charlotte's WIBT-FM via syndication.

The show will actually begin from Chicago's WKSC studios on January 3rd, but only his syndicated stations will get that show. It will go live in Chicago two weeks later on January 17th.

Last night, Brotha' Fred tweeted the following announcement: Thanks for all of the kind words! The radio show lives on... Thanks so much for your support. I'm excited about Chicago, but sad to leave..."

An official announcement is expected from Clear Channel later today or Monday.

UPDATE: Clear Channel has made it all official today. Brotha Fred begins on WKSC-FM on January 17th, as mentioned above. Co-host Angi Taylor and producer Tommy Black will indeed be part of the new show.

Brotha Fred said in a statement today: "This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to join the team in Chicago. The competitive environment in the market is fierce. We have all of the weapons to take on the challenge."

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