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News & Notes: CBS2; Cathleen Falsani; Schuster/Leventhal; John Williams; WGN; WBEZ

Time for a late-night batch of News & Notes! This time, we look at CBS2's new media, the Sun-Times losing its religion, some reviews from the booth, WBEZ getting hip, WGN going Cubs crazy and John Williams lending a helping hand up north. Let's begin...

* * Want to watch the WBBM-TV Newscasts? There's an app for that! CBS2 (along with 12 other CBS-owned stations in other markets) now has an iPhone/iPod Touch app that gives the user the latest local news headlines, updated weather info, on-demand video, picture slide shows and Twitter updates from WBBM-TV's news anchors and reporters. In addition to the local content, the app can connect the user with breaking national/international CBS News stories and video. The free app can be downloaded from iTunes at this link HERE.

* * It appears that the Chicago Sun-Times' Religion columnist is being pushed out. Cathleen Falsani had the following to say on her Facebook fan page last night: "After almost 10 yrs, I just lost my gig at the Sun-Times. An extraordinary tenure. I was blessed to be there. 1/22 column will be the last." It's not a story of a good girl gone bad -- it's God Girl gone... and that's bad.

* * SRN Broadcasting's Steven Leventhal, co-host of Les Grobstein's "Weekend Sports Report" on WKRS-AM, along with WSCR-AM reporter David Schuster have teamed up to start a new blogsite called "Booth Reviews." Together, Steve & David are reviewing films, DVDs, television shows, books, plays and whatever else, all from a sport's fan's perspective. The site started last month and they are now ready for the world to see it. Peek for yourself at BoothReviews.com.

* * When one thinks about Chicago Public Radio's WBEZ-FM, two words instantly pop into mind: Hip-Hop. That's right: Hip-Hop. (Which may be just one hyphenated word, depending upon your perspective.) Lissen up, yo! I gots to drop some knowledge here. Those whack Crunk Daddies at WBEZ are putting on their 2nd Annual "Winter Block Party," a celebration of Chicago's hip-hop arts. The all-day party is this Sunday the 17th at the Victory Gardens Biograph Theater (2433 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago) from 11:00am-10:00pm. The event will feature a visual art & graffiti gallery exhibition by Chicago contemporary artists, a B-Boy/B-Girl battle, hip-hop poetry readings, an open mic showcase, hip-hop haircuts by Sense-Rock at The Hip-Hop Barbershop, food from Chicago's Graffiti and Grub, and music all afternoon by DJ Itch13, DJ Issues and DJ Seanile, DJ Frane, Kuumba Lynx, Waka and others. There will also be a special screening of the award-winning film "P-Star Rising," which is story of 9 year-old girl's journey from rapping on the streets to rapping in sold out night clubs. After the movie screening, there will be a Q&A session with P-Star, herself, Priscilla Diaz. Last year over 600 people came out for this event, and even more are expected this year. More information can be found on WBEZ's website at this link HERE.

* * The annual Cubs Convention is at the Hilton Chicago (720 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago) on this Friday the 15th & Saturday the 16th. WGN-AM will have many of their radio personalities there at the Hilton's Continental Ballroom for those two days. David Kaplan, Garry Meier, Bob Sirott, John Williams, Steve Cochran and Dave Eanet will be among WGN's talents interviewing Cubs players and staffers. For a complete scorecard of who will be where and when, go to this link HERE.

* * Speaking of John Williams, the WGN morning host just finished doing two shows on WCCO-AM in Minneapolis this week. WCCO was where John worked prior to coming to WGN. As with what happened with WGN last year, their 1:00pm-3:00pm show is without a host and has been having numerous hosts fill-in. However, WCCO's Vice-President, Steve Moore, is insisting this was NOT a try-out for that vacant spot. John was merely helping out some old friends at the station who needed a host and spending a couple of days saying "hi" to his fans in Minnesota.

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