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The Abe Kanan Show To Debut On Sirius/XM Tomorrow

Congratulations go out to a bunch of Chicago radio guys who are about to see a bright national spotlight. Starting tomorrow, February 16th, "The Abe Kanan Show" will be joining the Howard Stern Sirius/XM channel "Howard 101." The show will be heard LIVE and uncensored this week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11:00pm-1:00am CST.

The entire cast that fans have come to love from the regular "Abe Kanan Show" podcasts: Abe Kanan, Ryan Manno, Dan "Bass" Levy and Sam Kanan will be part of the program each night. Don't be surprised if regular segments such as warped Hollywood reports from "Danny Gaga" and Abe's hilarious prank phone calls are part of the broadcast, as well.

"The Abe Kanan Show" podcasts began back in November 2009. On a semi-regular basis since, Abe Kanan and his crew have put out a fast-paced fun-fest on a podcast. Kanan, Manno, and Levy, all Chicago radio veterans, as well as, Abe's brother Sam, and other special guests (including former WZZN & WKQX host Sludge), get together to talk about life & current events with a slightly twisted view. The podcasts can be found on Abe Kanan's website, AbeIsAwesome.com, as well as here on the podcast page of Chicagoland Radio & Media.

The comedic podcasts have grown a large and loyal audience over the year+ they have been made and the show had drawn interest from numerous outlets because of its popularity. It was rumored that the previous management at WGN-AM was strongly considering adding the show to its weekend line-up, prior to the regime change there.

Abe Kanan, a Columbia College graduate, was at WKQX-FM/Q101 from 2001-2006, where he first started as an intern before being hired on by the station. He was a creative producer doing voices, characters (including his most famous one, the bratty kid Magellan) and funny phone calls for Mancow's show and others on the station. From 2007-2009, he was the morning show co-host with Chicago's Sludge in Richmond, VA's WDYL-FM/Y101 before station cutbacks moved the morning show to afternoons, releasing Kanan. (The station has since flipped formats, releasing everybody.) In addition to his podcasts, Kanan has also been dipping his toes into stand-up comedy around Chicagoland. His prank phone calls are now being syndicated out to morning shows at radio stations in other markets, including stations in Houston and Philadelphia.

Ryan Manno, a North Central College graduate, may be best remembered for his many years at WKQX-FM/Q101, where he had numerous positions, including being a cast member on Mancow's Morning Madhouse, and even more so for hosting radio shows both on his own and with his younger brother Kevin Manno. (Kevin Manno now works for MTV in New York City, hosting their new entertainment show, "The Seven.") Ryan Manno was with Q101 from 2001 to 2009. He since then has gone on to be the new host for JBTV for the last year, has been the Music Curator and the host of his Wednesday "One Man(no) Show" at the the Angels & Kings bar (now located inside the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago at 230 N. Michigan Ave.), and was recently hired as the Program Coordinator for the Chicago-based experiential marketing firm All Terrain.

The deep voice of Dan Levy has been heard all over Chicago radio for over a decade. He started out as a morning host on WCRX-FM, was a producer and occasional host for WSCR-AM, was a producer and contributor to Mancow's morning show on WKQX-FM (where he was nicknamed "Ballz"), has been a traffic reporter for Shadow-Metro, and a sports reporter for various shows, including Geoff Pinkus' overnight radio show. He also runs Levy Media and has produced numerous podcasts for other people including Chet Coppock, and even recently began doing his own podcasts called "When The Levy Breaks." Additionally, Levy, a Columbia College graduate, works at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting and does fill-in Public Address announcing at DePaul University sporting events.

Sam Kanan is Abe's older brother, but Abe gets upset if Sam gets too much attention... So... Moving on...

Although Sirius/XM is headquartered in New York City, the show will be done from downtown Chicago, broadcasting live from the JBTV Studios. Since the new Sirius/XM version of "The Abe Kanan Show" is completely live, fans are encouraged to call in and be part of the fun. The number to join the party is toll free 1-888-STERN-101.

For those who do not have a subscription to Sirius/XM, you can get a free 30 day online trial at this link HERE.

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