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News & Notes: Dave Fogel/Christina Filliagi; WBMX; Earl Jones; Perri Small; Sound Opinions; Sarah Jindra; Karen Conti; Steve Sanders; The Chicago Code; Much More

In today's giant-sized News & Notes, we look at 14 local media stories, including: WLS' Dave Fogel & Christina Filliagi going Hollywood, a WBMX classic party, an honor for Clear Channel's Earl Jones, changes for WVON's Perri Small, more work for Rick Gillette, a happy day for WBBM's Michael Horn, WBEZ's Sound Opinions makes the top of a pop chart, WBEZ's Sarah Jindra helping to raise funds, racing news with WUSN's Mike Peterson and WSCR's David White, Karen Conti pushes forward after a devastating blow back, best wishes to WGN's Steve Sanders, The Chicago Code gets cold, MTV looks to laugh at Chicago's "Underemployed," and a farewell to Tribune columnist Clarence Petersen. All this is just below...

* * WLS-FM's Dave Fogel and WLS-AM's Christina Filliagi will be at the Hollywood Casino in Joliet Saturday night, hosting the "Adventures in Hollywood" giveaway. They will be giving away four gift baskets worth over $200 each containing DVDs, gift cards, books, hats and more, along with two grand prize trips for two to Hollywood. Details can be found at this link HERE.

* * Fans of the old Chicago radio station WBMX-AM/FM may want to head over to Excalibur tonight as the club is holding a "WBMX - Back To The Classics" party, playing the music that made WBMX such a fan favorite in the 80's. (WBMX-FM is now WVAZ-FM.) Playing the 80's (and more) dance music this evening will be Kenny "Jammin'" Jason (one of WBMX's Hot Mix 5), Tim "Spinnin'" Schommer and Martino "Spinnin'" Ramos. Admission is only $10 before 11:00pm and the party goes from 10:00pm until almost 4:00am. Excalibur is located at 632 North Dearborn Ave in Chicago.

* * Earl Jones, Clear Channel Radio Chicago President & Market Manager was among those honored on Wednesday this week at the DuSable Museum of African American History in Chicago. A scholarship was established in his name and in the name of the other honorees (Dr. Margaret T. Burroughs & the Chicago Bears' Charles Tillman) by Fifth Third Bank and presented to students. Earl Jones also happens to be on the Board of Trustees for the DuSable Museum.

* * In June of last year, Perri Small took an indefinite leave of absence for personal reasons from the "Matt & Perri" morning show on WVON-AM. Until this month, the show continued to be officially called by that name and both Perri Small and Matt McGill's faces and information were shown on the website. Unofficially, the show started being nicknamed "Stepkid Radio" and the station would pair up Matt McGill with an ever-changing line-up of guest fill-in hosts, which was received surprisingly well by the audience. Various Chicago media talents such as Robin Robinson, Bill Kurtis, Diane Burns, Marion Brooks, Darlene Hill, and Art Norman filled in. Even this state's Governor took a turn. The station has decided to officially give the morning show just to Matt McGill and have removed Perri Small as the co-host. McGill will continue to have guest hosts with him often. Perri Small is still very much part of the WVON-AM family, though. She continues to work at the station behind the scenes doing production and special projects. She will the host of next week's five-part documentary on Mayor Richard M. Daley, which she also co-wrote and produced.

* * Former WKSC-FM Program Director Rick Gillette, who has been the Program Director of Phoenix, AZ's Rhythmic CHR station KZON-FM since August, has added on to his duties. In addition to that job, he will now also be the PD at sister-station KOOL-FM, a Classic Hits station.

* * Congratulations to WBBM-FM's Imaging Director Michael Horn, as his real Valentine's Day came four days late. Last Friday night at the Bolingbrook Golf Club, Michael and his longtime girlfriend Pam became husband and wife. Best wishes to the happy couple!

* * Congratulations to WBEZ-FM's "Sound Opinions." Yesterday, USA Today picked its Top 10 Music Podcasts. The podcasts of the Chicago Public Radio rock & roll talk show "Sound Opinions" starring Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot was selected as #1. USA Today's Pop Candy section writer Whitney Matheson said of the podcast: "The long-running show out of Chicago is like the Siskel and Ebert of music: Two critics, Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis, debate and discuss a music-related topic. Occasionally, artists visit the studio, and, to keep things current, the duo includes a couple reviews. The hour moves quickly and is a pleasure to hear." You can see the entire Top 10 list at this link HERE.

* * Sarah Jindra, the traffic reporter for WBEZ-FM and part-time on WMAQ-TV, has been nominated as a candidate for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's 2011 "Woman of the Year." She has now embarked on a fundraising journey for the L&L Society and has set up a blogsite to for this goal of raising money to help fund patient services and life-saving blood cancer research. You can check out her fundraising blog at this link HERE. In addition to being known as a Chicago traffic information queen, Sarah Jindra also operates the uplifting news website InspireMe Chicago!, which recently celebrated its one year anniversary.

* * Racing broadcasts may be gone from CBS' WUSN-FM and its HD3 station, but a pair of CBS Radio Chicago employees, Mike Peterson and David White, are keeping the racing news coming out. Mike Peterson is a board operator/production assistant/remote tech/everything else guy primarily for WUSN-FM & WCFS-FM. David White is a producer for WSCR-AM. The duo started a racing news blog called 4 Wide Racing last month. This month, they started creating racing news & discussion podcasts for the site, as well. The new site can be found HERE. Additionally, the podcasts can be found on iTunes, by entering "4wideracing" into the search box. Mike & Dave hope to have new podcasts up each week on Monday or Tuesday. Racing fans can also "Like" the 4 Wide Racing Facebook page and/or follow their posts on Twitter.

* * With the sad passing of attorney, professor and radio talk show host Greg Adamski earlier this month, questions naturally came up surrounding the future of the WGN-AM talk show he co-hosted each week, "Legally Speaking." Adamski's wife, Karen Conti -- an attorney, professor and radio talk show host herself, as well as legal expert for WFLD-TV -- revealed today that she will continue on with the show in his memory, beginning on March 6th. No decisions have been made if the show will be Karen's solo of if it will have a rotating roster of guest co-hosts.

* * Best wishes to WGN-TV's Steve Sanders who is resting comfortably at home, recuperating from prostate cancer surgery. He hopes to be back in the WGN-TV Midday News anchor chair by the end of March or early April. WGN-TV is also without their other co-anchor for the Midday newscast, Allison Payne, who has been off the air for various medical reasons since the start of this year, with no clear return date in sight.

* * The FOX television show that is completely shot here in Chicago, "The Chicago Code," is officially "on the bubble" for a renewal for next year. The reviews have been mixed, as have been the ratings. The first week's ratings, for a show that aired the day after the Super Bowl, with a great deal of hype during the game, gained a slightly better than average rating of 6.8 and a 10 share nationally. Since then, the two subsequent episodes have fared well-below average. Two weeks ago, the show had a 5.2 rating and an 8 share, while this week's episode gained a 5.3 rating and again an 8 share. Those ratings were only good enough to give FOX a third place win for that hour of television. "The Chicago Code" was brought in to replace "Lie To Me" which had low ratings, but so far, the new Chicago Police drama is only matching the ratings "Lie To Me" brought in. Not surprisingly, the strongest ratings nationally come from the Chicago market.

* * A pilot for a new Chicago-based and filmed comedy has been picked up by MTV. The new show currently has the name "Underemployed" and is about 5 young friends in their mid-twenties (2 male, 3 female) trying to survive in Chicago after graduating college. The five thought they would take the working world by storm after graduation, but instead find themselves a year later working odd jobs just to make ends meet. MTV's head of programming David Janollari said: "It's about post-college reality versus the amplified expectations... exploring all the firsts from love, family, friends and career in today's post-Gen X world." The comedy comes from Craig Wright, an Emmy Award-winning writer better known for more serious television shows like "Six Feet Under," "Lost" and "Dirty Sexy Money."

* * Clarence Petersen, a 38 year veteran of the Chicago Tribune who retired in 1997, passed away on February 15th in Arlington Heights at the age of 78. During his long career at the Tribune, he was a reporter and an assistant editor. He is probably best remembered as a columnist who wrote a long-running column on paperback books for the paper, as well as being the Tribune's television critic from 1969-1973.

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