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Rafael 'El Pistolero' Pulido Returns To Morning Radio On WRLL-AM 1450

After over two years away from the radio microphone, Rafael Pulido, famously known also as "El Pistolero," has returned to morning radio, as of this morning. Pulido is now hosting weekday mornings from 6:00am-9:00am on WRLL-AM 1450.

Rafael Pulido is the one-time Chicago morning radio superstar that skyrocketed his Spanish-language show and the station he was on, WOJO-FM, to the top of the ratings. He was brought to WOJO-FM in 2002 from California and the station's ratings slowly grew, as did the popularity of "El Pistolero." In addition to local high ratings, Pulido won national acclaim. In September 2007, Rafael Pulido was named Spanish Format Personality of the Year at the 2007 National Association of Broadcasters' Marconi Radio Awards. Univision syndicated his show to various other markets to capitalize on his growing fame.

Known for speaking his mind and being opinionated, Pulido felt some heat in the past for remarks and jokes some deemed offensive to homosexual communities. Some have also compared him to English-speaking shock jock Howard Stern, due to his biting, comedic looks at sexuality and current events. Pulido also has showed his serious side in 2006 by becoming a champion of immigration rights. He help energize thousands to rally & march in Chicago for immigrants' rights. The same was also done in major markets all across the county on the same day, thanks in part to Pulido's fight against the bill HR 4437. A Senator named Barack Obama even called into his show in March 2006 to show support for Rafael Pulido and his defense of immigrant rights.

Despite high ratings, Univision Radio shocked fans nationwide when in July 2009, they fired Rafael Pulido, along with the station's Program Director. No official word has ever been given as to the reason behind the sudden departure, other than Univision officials stating they wished for the programming to go a different direction.

Midway Broadcasting, who operates WRLL-AM (along with WVON-AM), partnered up Fernando Jaramllio, who supplies some independent programming to WRLL-AM with his "Musica Y Mas," to help bring back Rafael Pulido. He will now be heard each weekday morning on the AM Spanish music, news & entertainment station.

Todd Ronczkowski, Operation Manager of WRLL-AM said in a breif statement this morning: "We believe this partnership with Rafael will tremendously benefit the Hispanic Radio listening audience in Chicago by giving the listener an option of more than just music."

After over two years of laying low, "El Pistolero" is now ready to fire his guns again.

The 42 year old, Mexican-born Pulido said "The Spanish speaking community in Chicago has gone too long without a sensible voice on the radio questioning authority in this city. I can not wait to get behind the microphone at WRLL and re-connect with my audience that has grown in age and wisdom like myself."

WRLL-AM is currently heard for 15 hours a day during the week -- 10:00pm-1:00pm on weekdays, slightly less on weekends -- on AM 1450. The station is focused on serving the Chicago Hispanic market with reliable news, provocative conversation, regional Mexican music and entertainment. The station recently moved to new studios on 87th Street in Chicago and is currently working on a brand new website that station management hopes to have launched soon.

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