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WGN-AM's David Kaplan & Brian Noonan To Host New 'Cubs Corner' Series

WGN-AM, the Chicago Cubs and Wildfire Chicago are teaming up to present a new series of special live radio shows called "Cubs Corner." The program will be a series of seven one-hour shows done throughout the 2011 baseball season, done live in front of an audience at a downtown restaurant.

"Cubs Corner" will be aired live on WGN-AM approximately once a month over the course of the current Cubs season. The hosts of "WGN Sports Night," David Kaplan and Brian Noonan, will also host this sports-themed show that focuses on the Chicago Cubs. The program will air from Noon-1:00pm, trimming 30 minutes away from both Mike McConnell and John Williams' regularly scheduled radio shows.

These seven shows will feature special guests that are members of the Chicago Cubs organization, including management, coaches, current players, and past superstars. Each broadcast will feature Kaplan and Noonan interviewing the featured Cubs guests, followed by a question and answer period for the members of the audience in attendance for the live remote.

Each one of the live remotes will be held at the Lettuce Entertain You-owned restaurant Wildfire Chicago, which is located at 159 W. Erie Street in Chicago. The events are open to the public, as long as reservations are made or tickets purchased in advance. Tickets to each "Cubs Corner" broadcast are priced at $75 per person, which includes tax and gratuity. Tickets for children (ages 12 and under) may be purchased for $40. Each ticket includes a lunch of signature Wildfire dishes. Valet parking will be available at a discounted rate of $6.

On-site registration for the broadcasts begins at 11:00am, followed by lunch at 11:30am, and the live broadcast from Noon-1:00pm.

The first "Cubs Corner" broadcast will take place Tuesday, April 26, and will feature Chicago Cubs pitchers Kerry Wood and Andrew Cashner. Future "Cubs Corner" guests and dates will be announced posted on Cubs.com, WGNRadio.com and WildfireRestaurant.com. For more information or to make a reservation, contact the Chicago Wildfire Restaurant at 312-787-9000.

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