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Tom Roeser Retires From His WLS-AM Show

WLS-AM posted up a formal message on their website yesterday, announcing that long-time weekend show host Tom Roeser was retiring from his radio show, due to health reasons. The 82 year-old conservative talk show host is currently in the hospital and unable to continue his radio work.

Starting in mid-March of this year on this website's message board, fans started questioning the condition and whereabouts of Tom Roeser, when last-minute fill-in hosts where hosting his show on WLS-AM. Roeser began missing many shows, which was beginning to worry his fans.

Although the announcement does not go into details about exactly why he is hospitalized or what Roeser's current condition is, the WLS-AM website does have a way for fans to send "get well" wishes via the webpage.

Tom Roeser began his "Political Shootout" radio show on WLS-AM in 1994. The show was later called simply "The Tom Roeser Show." He was already familiar to many WLS-AM fans as a panelist on Bruce DuMont's weekly radio show "Beyond The Beltway." Although Roeser's radio show had a staunch conservative slant to it, Roeser was not the typical right-wing radio host, most often heard on the radio today. He did not care for what the "party line" was supposed to say. He sometime would say things that would anger Republican Party people, and would endorse candidates he felt were best for a given position, even if that candidate was not Republican. He would sometimes throw support behind Libertarian candidates running for Illinois political office. He would not say something controversial & upsetting, just for the shock value of it, as is often done today on the radio. Roeser always spoke his mind and spoke from his heart -- a trait that endeared him to his radio fans.

His show was most recently heard from 8:00pm-9:00pm each Sunday night on WLS-AM. With Tom Roeser's retirement announcement, that time slot will be filled in the interim with local programming, until a permanent show can be found.

Thomas F. Roeser was born in in Evanston, IL in 1928. (He turns 83 in July.)

He graduated from Saint John's University in Collegeville, MN with a Bachelor's Degree in English literature. He then did graduate studies at DePaul & Loyola Universities in Chicago and Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. After college, he worked briefly for an advertising agency in Chicago, before moving to Minnesota to work as the City Editor of the Saint Cloud Daily Times and as a reporter for the Associated Press. A couple of years after that, he began working for the Minnesota Republican Party, controlling their research, media coverage and advertising. He also became Press Secretary for three high-ranking Minnesota Republican politicians. In 1964, he returned to Chicago to work for the Quaker Oats company, initiating their public affairs, government relations, and community relations programs. In 1969, he joined the Nixon administration, first running their minority business aid program, and then as Director of the Peace Corps' public relations, before returning to Quaker Oats a couple of years later. He retired from Quaker Oats in 1991, while a Vice-President for the company.

In addition to the above, Tom Roeser has taught & lectured on public policy at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Finance, Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, Loyola University Chicago, DePaul University, the University of Illinois-Chicago, Roosevelt University-Chicago, and Oxford University's St. John's College. Roeser is authored of the book "Father Mac: The Life and Times of Ignatius D. McDermott, Co-Founder of Chicago's Famed Haymarket Center." He became an Op Ed writer, first for The Chicago Sun-Times, and later for The Chicago Tribune and The Wall Street Journal. He has been a Chicago correspondent for Catholic weekly periodical The Wanderer.

Roser has appeared on television as a commentator and frequent guest on WTTW-TV's "Chicago Tonight" and PBS' "The McNeil-Lehrer NewsHour." In addition to his own WLS-AM radio show, he has appears as a frequent guest on Bruce DuMont's "Beyond the Beltway" show, also on WLS-AM, and on WBEZ-FM's "Inside Politics." Additionally, he has been a senior correspondent and talk show host for Catholic Family Radio network.

Roeser is the founder, Chairman, Publisher, and Editor in Chief and of the conservative online news source, The Chicago Daily Observer, which claims to be Chicago's first Internet newspaper. He writes regularly for his own blogsite, TomRoeser.com.

Roeser is married and has four children.

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