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Steve Dahl Announces New Podcast Plans

Chicago radio legend Steve Dahl made an announcement via his Twitter account moments ago, announcing his future plans. Beginning August 1st, he will be charging a monthly fee of $9.95 to hear the podcasts. Further details about the payment plan will be made available on his website, Dahl.com, although currently, Dahl's website is down, due to too many users trying to check out the news, crashing the system.

Dahl's attempt at the pay-per-hear plan is an adventurous one, especially in an era where it is still commonplace to hear podcasts for free. Said Steve Dahl in a statement this afternoon: "This is our way of staying one step ahead of the curve. I have the greatest fans -- they readily followed me to this new platform and I am confident that they will continue to support me as I embark on this new and exciting endeavor."

Downloads of past Dahlcasts will remain free for the rest of this month, until the new plan kicks in at the start of next month.

Steve Dahl has been off the radio airwaves for about 2 and a half years. After CBS Radio decided to flip the talk station WCKG-FM to the adult/contemporary station WCFS-FM at the end of October 2007, CBS moved Dahl, WCKG-FM's afternoon star, to the jockless music formatted WJMK-FM as its morning show host in November 2007. Just over a year later, CBS Radio admitted that the experiment of placing an afternoon talk show in the mornings on a station that advertises having no DJs was a bad fit and a mistake. With nowhere else to place Dahl's show, CBS Radio canceled it in early December 2008.

Thanks to an iron-clad contract Dahl negotiated with CBS many years ago, CBS Radio was forced to continue to pay Dahl his full salary until last Friday, even though he was off the air. To stay connected to his fanbase, Dahl began podcasting in September 2009. CBS Radio partnered with him in this venture and promoted his podcasts on the CBS Chicago websites. The CBS Radio contract, paying an estimated $1 million per year to Dahl, also contained restrictions that did not allow Dahl to even do a guest appearance on a non-CBS Radio station, let alone consider starting a new radio job elsewhere. As of Midnight, July 9th, Dahl is free from all restrictions.

Steve Dahl, along with a call-in from Buzz Kilman, will be a guest on WLUP-FM's morning show with Pete McMurray tomorrow morning at approximately 8:15am. They will be discussing the new podcast plans on the air. This will also be the 32nd anniversary of "Disco Demolition," the world-famous WLUP-FM radio stunt that featured Steve Dahl, so expect plenty of of reminiscing about that milestone event.

With today's announcement, Dahl continues to focus on his online radio work, while still waiting on a terrestrial radio opportunity to open up later this year.

Steve Dahl has been working full-time in radio since he was 16 years old. He began his career in Chicago radio in February 1978 on WDAI-FM. Since then, he has worked for Chicago stations WLUP-FM, WLUP-AM, WLS-AM, WLS-FM, WMVP-AM, WCKG-FM and WJMK-FM. He has worked solo and with partners Buzz Kilman, Bruce Wolf, and most famously, Garry Meier.

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