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Paul Harvey's close ties to FBI revealed

And now we know... the rest of the story.

USA Today is reporting this weekend that legendary Chicago broadcaster, Paul Harvey, had very close ties to the FBI. He went from being a one-time target of the FBI, to a secret mouthpiece for them.

USA Today used a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain Paul Harvey's FBI file. The 1,375 page document shows how the FBI would literally put words in Paul Harvey's mouth. Anytime one of Paul Harvey's commentaries (radio or print) had anything remotely to do with the Government, he would first give the work to the FBI, who would often give Harvey the words to say. Harvey never revealed that relationship or the covert bias publicly. The USA Today piece gives some specific examples of the FBI wording Harvey's work.

While this undisclosed relationship doesn't tarnish the entire career of this broadcasting giant, who had an impressive 70+ year career in radio & newspapers, it does again question some of the journalist's bias & impartiality, something that has been questioned many times before.

Paul Harvey passed away just under one year ago at the age of 90.

UPDATE: The Washington Post this weekend also did a very large story on the Paul Harvey/FBI connection you can read that extensive report at this link HERE.

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