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WSRB-FM Changes Back To 'Soul 106.3'

On November 1st, 2010, WSRB-FM dropped the branding of "Soul 106.3" and flipped to a new format called "106.3 Real Radio." Gone from the daytime programming was the music-intensive Urban Adult Contemporary programming and added was more Urban-focused talk programming. As of this month, the "Real Radio" programming is the same, but the station is back to calling itself "Soul 106.3," it's name prior to last November.

It has only been just over nine months since the station last changed, but this newest change, for now at least, appears to be in name only. The line-up remains as it was before the new name change, with syndicated talkers Tom Joyner, Warren Ballentine, Dave Ramsey, Michael Baisden filling the airwaves from 5:00am-6:00pm and Classic Hip-Hop & RB playing from 6:00pm until 5:00am. Weekends continue to be the same mixed bag of talk in the morning & music during the day & night that it was previously.

WSRB-FM has re-launched their website to reflect the new "Soul 106.3" branding. It has canceled its "106.3 Real Radio" Facebook page as of today and has just started up a brand new Facebook page featuring its new/old name.

The low-rated station has seen a slight increase in ratings in recent month, rising up to a 0.8 in the most recent Arbitron ratings. While still a low number, it represents a doubling of ratings in just two months' time.

The station's low ratings are partially due to its weak signal. The Crawford Broadcasting-owned WSRB-FM is a Class A radio station with a directional signal strength of 4100 Watts. Broadcasting out of south-suburban Lansing, IL, the station can be heard strong in the south suburbs, the south side of Chicago and into northwestern Indiana, but its signal does not even reach to the upper northern parts of Chicago, let alone into the north or western suburbs very well.

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