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Mancow Returns To Chicago Radio - Times 2

One time local radio star turned syndicated radio host, Erich "Mancow" Muller is once again returning to Chicago radio, starting early next month. "The Mancow Experience," Muller's syndicated morning show that originates from downtown Chicago, will be heard on the newly revamped WJJG-AM -- twice each weekday.

Beginning on Monday October 3rd, Mancow's morning show will air on a two-hour delay each weekday morning from 7:00am-10:00am (the shows are normally done from 5:00am-8:00am), and then be repeated in their entirety from 1:00pm-4:00pm.

The move is part of new General Manger Matt DuBiel's plan on revitalizing the small AM radio from Elmhurst. A new Midday show will be announced next week, which will also be starting early next month. Additionally, some new experimental programing will air from 4:00pm until the station is forced to sign off at sundown due to FCC regulations.

In a new statement, Mancow Muller said: "I plan to kick all form of butt -- including Labrador. Even dogs will want to listen. I have been the Phantom of Chicago radio the last year, exiled from the pc landscape of today's corporate-controlled radio, programmed from lands far away from ChiCOWgo. So when a Radio Maverick like Matt asked me to air 2X a day I said yes. Six hours of Mancow a day is not enough but it's a start."

DuBiel says in the statement: "I am delighted to help create an exciting situation where the radio audience actually wins! Too many times the listening audience gets completely hosed with little or no explanation. Now Chicago is getting a radio star back... twice a day. This is groundbreaking. Mancow is an innovator and I applaud his willingness to take this leap with us. It's going to be very exciting for listeners and even more exciting for advertisers."

On the business end of the new Mancow airings, Matt Dubiel says WJJG-AM is going to do business a little differently than how most radio stations operate. The station is only offering 10 category-exclusive sponsorships of Mancow's Morning and Afternoon show -- and three of those spots are already spoken for. DuBiel says:" "Exclusivity helps convey authenticity, and provides tremendous value to our partners. One smart beer company is going to be THE beer of the Mancow show in Chicago. That's just the beginning."

WJJG-AM is Mancow's fourth radio station in Chicago. In July 1994, Mancow started in Chicago on WRCX-FM/Rock 103.5. Four years later, he left that station, accepting a job offer from rival WKQX-FM/Q101, a station he previously made fun of. WRCX-FM flipped formats relatively soon after. Mancow was with WKQX-FM until 2006, when the station refused to renew his contract, choosing to part ways with the controversial host. While Mancow did deliver strong ratings for the station in their target demographic, he also delivered problems for the station, including many FCC fines and expensive lawsuits. There was also a supposed issue attracting advertisers to the station who did not wish to be associated with a "shock jock." All that, coupled with the fact that many of his listeners were not tuning in to other dayparts of the station and the station's own employees had complaints about Mancow, the station decided to go in new directions for their morning show programming. The station's owner was not done with lawsuits thanks to Mancow, though. About a year after his forced departure from Q101, Mancow sued WKQX & Emmis Broadcasting. That lawsuit was finally settled out of court earlier this year for an undisclosed sum.

In 2008, Mancow was on Chicago radio a third time, this time doing a talk show on WLS-AM, paired up with former WBBM-AM news anchor Pat Cassidy. Once again, despite decent ratings, the station parted company with Mancow, firing him (and Cassidy) after only 16 months on the air there. Despite the firing, Mancow has retained a good relationship with the management of WLS-AM and has been broadcasting his nationally syndicated morning show, now titled "The Mancow Experience," from an otherwise unused studio at WLS-AM.

Although WJJG-AM will be the fourth station in Chicago for Mancow, it will be the very first time his syndicated show will be heard here in his current homebase.

Muller, who turned 45 this summer, lives in Chicago with his wife and two daughters. He is a native of Kansas City, Missouri.

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