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Garry Meier Renews Contract With WGN-AM

One of WGN-AM brightest stars will continue to shine for the station for years to come. This past weekend, Tribune Broadcasting and WGN-AM came to terms on a multi-year contract with their popular afternoon host, Garry Meier.

Financial terms and details of the new contract are not being released. Meier will also continue his regular segments with WGN-TV News called "In The Line of Meier," which was just nominated for a Midwest/Chicago Emmy Award last week.

Tom Langmyer, Vice President and General Manager of WGN Radio said to CRM regarding Meier: "Garry has been a key player in the evolution of WGN Radio and we're very excited to have him as part of our bright future."

Garry Meier has been with WGN-AM officially since April 2009. He took over the then-vacant 1:00pm-4:00pm shift after host John Williams had moved to the morning show time slot a few months earlier. Meier earned the spot after he did a highly successful test run for a few days the month before. In April 2010, WGN-AM re-arranged its lineup and moved Meier to his current shift of 3:00pm-7:00pm.

Meier has been able to turn in some of the best ratings for WGN-AM's afternoons in years. In Arbitron's Spring & Summer all ages ratings books, Meier's time slot was #1 and #2 respectively. In the most recent September ratings, Meier's time slot was #2 with a 5.2 share. In addition to delivering great all ages ratings, he has been able to deliver the highest ratings for the station in the coveted 25-54 demographic. He is doing especially well with the even more coveted demographic of Women 25-54, where his time slot was #9 with a 2.9 share for the Summer ratings book.

Except for a few "breaks," where he was off the air and looking for his next opportunity, Garry Meier has been a fixture on Chicago radio since 1973. He began on WFYR-FM, moved to WYEN-FM the following year, and then to WLUP-FM in 1977, where his career skyrocketed. A couple of years into his time at WLUP-FM, he met and then teamed up with Steve Dahl. The duo enjoyed a wildly popular 14+ years together at WLUP-FM, WLUP-AM, WLS-AM and WLS-FM, until Garry Meier chose to walk away from the partnership. Meier was a solo act for 1994, working at WLUP-FM and also working as a feature reporter for WGN-TV. In 1995, he teamed up with Roe Conn on WLS-AM, bringing in top ratings for almost 9 years together. He left the show at the start of 2004, after contract negotiations fell apart. In August 2006, a chance meeting had him back on the air for an afternoon live remote with his old radio partner Steve Dahl, then on WCKG-FM. That one-day reunion made headlines locally and in the trades nationwide. It also led to Garry Meier joining WCKG-FM just under 8 months later with his own show. That show lasted from the start of April 2007 until the end of October 2007, when CBS Radio decided to flip formats and end WCKG-FM. Meier's morning show was developing a large following and began to solidify his place as a solo radio superstar.

His successful two and a half years at WGN-AM have now permanently solidified that solo superstar status. Last year, Talkers Magazine's editorial staff selected Garry Meier as one of its "Heaviest Hundred," calling him one of the 100 most important & influential radio talk show hosts of all time. Additionally, Talkers Magazine named Meier to their annual "Heavy Hundred" list at the start of this year.

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