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'Crazy Ray' Returns To Rock Radio On WRXQ

Back when WLUP-FM had live & local talent working all night long, the station's last overnight personality was the funny "Crazy Ray" Styles. In August 2007, WLUP-FM did away with its overnight hosts in a cost-cutting move, forcing Crazy Ray out. This coming Monday night, Crazy Ray finally returns, this time to south-suburban rocker WRXQ-FM.

During the over two years that Crazy Ray was the overnight host on The Loop, he developed a large, loyal following, as many midnight shift jocks tend to do. In addition to playing classic & new rock hits, some quick parody songs by "Crazy Ray and the Asylum" would get occasionally worked into the mix. The songs further showcased his wacky sense of humor and helped connect him to the overnight fanbase. (One such parody song was added to the CRM Audio Page last month. More will be added in the future.) Crazy Ray's upbeat, humorous, but still music-intensive show was the perfect lead-in for Jonathon Brandmeier, who had just returned to working mornings at the station in 2005.

Starting Monday, fans will be able to hear Crazy Ray again, as he takes over the vacant evening shift (7:00pm-Midnight) on WRXQ-FM 100.7. He will be filling the shoes of Mitch Michaels, who temporarily shifted to afternoons to replace Freak, who exited the station at the end of August. Michaels then shifted to afternoons at sister-station WERV-FM and Program Director Zander took over 'RXQ afternoons. Zander, who is now Crazy Ray's boss, is himself a former WLUP-FM vet. In fact, it was Crazy Ray who took over Zander's overnight shift at The Loop in June 2005, after Zander's exit.

In addition to his years at WLUP-FM, Crazy Ray worked at WLUP-AM, WBVS-FM, WLLI-FM and WONC-FM. He also worked as morning show host at WXLP-FM in the Quad Cities. He began his radio career as an intern for Chicago radio legend Fred Winston at WPNT-FM. Although the diploma doesn't exactly say "Crazy Ray" on it, he graduated from North Central College in 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.

Ray, his wife and four children live in the far southwest suburbs, not too far from WRXQ-FM's studios.

With this hire, WRXQ-FM completes its revamp of its weekday line-up -- a line-up completely different from one year ago. The morning host is Elwood, who started earlier this year. Dawn Avello is the new midday host who started just a few weeks ago. Zander is the afternoon host, who took over earlier last month. Crazy Ray is the last piece of the puzzle, working nights beginning next week.

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