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WMAQ-TV's Chicago NonStop To Become Part Of NBC Nonstop Network

WMAQ-TV's digital sub-channel Chicago NonStop will soon become less Chicago-focused and contain more national programming as part of the NBC Nonstop Network. In some plans unveiled today, NBCUniversal will be taking the seven local digital sub-channels it now has on its owned & operated large markets and merging the "NonStop" stations into a single national network.

The NBC Nonstop Network channels, including Chicago's, will still feature some local programming mixed in with the soon-to-be beefed-up national programming, much like WMAQ-TV features some local news & programming mixed in with the national NBC-chosen programming. With the new nationally-focused network, NBCUniversal looks to add the Nonstop digital to all of its stations and beyond. This will make the NBC Nonstop Network more of a direct competitor to the ABC Television digital sub-channel, the Live Well Network.

Chicago NonStop currently features such local programming as "The Talk" with Marion Brooks, a video simulcast of WLS-AM's "Roe Conn Show with Richard Roeper," "24/7" with Catie Keogh & Pete McMurray, "Nonstop Foodies Chicago," "Nonstop Scene Chicago," repeats of the WMAQ-TV newscasts, and the new 10 week experimental show comedy/talk show "Brandmeier" with Chicago radio legend Jonathon Brandmeier.

NBC announced a pair of promotions today in regard to this reinvention of the new Nonstop Network.

Meredith McGinn, a veteran East Coast television news executive, has been named to the newly-created position of Vice President of Multi-Station Local Programming for NBC Owned Television Stations. McGinn will now manage the NBC Nonstop Network, including developing national programming to complement new and existing local news and lifestyle content, as well as seeking out new station partners in additional markets. As the former Director of News & Content at WNBC-TV, McGinn was responsible for overseeing news for the station's broadcast channel and online site, along with programming for the New York NonStop digital sub-channel -- NBC's first NonStop channel -- which she helped launch in 2009. Prior to WNBC-TV, McGinn was a Senior Producer at MSNBC for four years and worked in news management at FOX stations in New York and Philadelphia for almost 10 years.

Marni Kupfer was promoted to Vice President of Lifestyle Production. In this role, she will oversee the producing of content for the Nonstop Network in addition to continuing to produce the three shows she already works on: George to the Rescue, 1stLook and Open House. Before joining NBC in 2006, Kupfer worked as a producer for MTV Networks for three years.

McGinn will report directly to Greg Scholl, President of Local Integrated Media for NBC Owned Television Stations, while Kupfer will report to McGinn. Both women are New York-based.

NBC did not disclose an exact timetable as to how soon the changes will be seen on the air by the seven current Nonstop Network markets, including Chicago.

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