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News & Notes: Boers & Bernstein; Barry Winograd; Chicago Tribune; Sarah Jindra; This American Life; Community Media Workshop

It's a Groundhogs Day version of News & Notes! The CRM groundhog saw its shadow, which means six new items to talk about today. In this article, we look at Boers & Bernstein getting roasted & toasted, Barry Winograd getting saxy, the Chicago Tribune getting happy, WBEZ's Sarah Jindra getting inspired, This American Life getting digital, and the Community Media Workshop getting webby. It's all below...

* * Heard that the Boers & Bernstein Roast for February 19th was completely sold-out? It was. (Please note the past tense.) Organizers have kicked back a wall at the Belvedere Banquet hall and released another 100 tickets. If you wish to see this skewering of WSCR's afternoon personalities, call the Boers & Bernstein Roast Hotline at 312-245-6176. Tickets can be purchased by cash, check or credit card. These few tickets are going fast, by cracky, so don't delay!

* * Barry Winograd, the host of WXRT's "Jazz Transfusion" and the host of WDCB's "All Things Jazz" will be doing some jazzing of his own Thursday night. You can catch the Barry Winograd/Dennis Luxion Duo performing live at Marion Street Cheese and Wine Market (100 S. Marion St., Oak Park) from 7:00pm-10:00pm. Who doesn't like a little sax with their wine?

* * The Chicago Tribune website has some good news... literally. The website has unveiled its new "Happy News" section, featuring stories that aren't depressing or upsetting. Just upbeat and heart-warming stories & photos from around Chicagoland & the nation. You can check out the new section at this link HERE.

* * On a similar note, a Chicago radio person just started up a new website that deals with news stories and events, but only positive ones. The site, InspireMeChicago.com, has been up for a week or so and is doing quite well. It was created by WBEZ's traffic reporter (and sometime fill-in traffic reporter for NBC5) Sarah Jindra. If you want to know what is going on besides all of the doom & gloom, check this site out.

* * Chicago Public Radio has released a new iPhone/iPod Touch application for the award-winning program, "This American Life" starring Ira Glass. Unlike many radio apps being released lately, this one has a catch: it's not free. The app costs $2.99. Being a Public Radio program, it relies on donations to keep running and Chicago Public Radio feels that the $2.99 fee will help support the show enough to make the app worthwhile for itself. To make the price worthwhile for the buyer/listener, quite a lot comes with that fee. The TAL App gives on-demand access to the full show archive, going all the way back to 1995 -- almost 400 episodes. Users can search by episode or contributor to a show and new episodes are automatically added automatically. All episodes can be streamed for free anytime or purchased from iTunes for off-line listening. The Showtime episodes of the TAL TV show can also be downloaded for a fee. There are free cartoons and other bonus content from the TV show. The app also comes with plenty of customizable features and exclusive content, as well. The app can be downloaded from HERE.

* * The Community Media Workshop is holding their first webinar of the year this month. It is called "Changing Public Radio" and it looks at the changing goals and roles of Public Radio stations. They will also be discussing what kind of stories public radio stations are looking for and how they envision local nonprofits as partners. The panelists for this webinar include: Steve Edwards, the acting Program Director of Chicago Public Radio, Bill Wheelhouse, the General Manager of IL Public Radio's WUIS-FM, Tamar Charney, the Program Director of Michigan Radio, and Jerome Vaughn, the News Director of Detroit Public Radio. The moderator will be Community Media Workshop's Thom Clark. "Changing Public Radio" will be next Tuesday, February 9th, from 2:00pm-3:15pm. To register to be part of this webinar, go to this link HERE.

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