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News & Notes: US99.5; Norm Winer; Nancy Loo; Katz Radio Group; Howard Stern; More

It's time for another News & Notes, this time looking at a possible award for US99.5, WXRT's Norm Winer talking programming, Nancy Loo feeling "Grand," Katz Radio Group handing out promotions, a Jersey "situation" coming to Chicago, and Howard Stern quietly playing hardball. It is all just below...

* * More of the Academy of Country Music Nominations were announced today, this time for the radio finalists. For the Country Radio Station of the Year - Major Market, the finalists are: KKGO-FM/Los Angeles, KMPS-FM/Seattle, KSCS-FM/Dallas, KYGO-FM/Denver and WUSN-FM/Chicago. Best of luck to Chicago's US99.5! The awards will be handed out April 18th in Las Vegas, NV.

* * The annual music orgy known as Austin's South By Southwest will be having its annual AAA discussion panel this year, with one very familiar face to Chicago radio fans. The SXSW Adult Rock Music Meeting will take place on March 19th at 11:00am at the Austin Convention Center. Ten new AAA-format songs will be played and discussed by a panel of AAA all-stars. On that panel will WXRT's longtime Program Director, Norm Winer. Norm is also the CBS Radio VP Adult Rock Programming and the Program Director for WNEW.com. Also on that panel will be NPR Music's Bob Boilen, WXPN/Philadelphia's Bruce Warren, Some Velvet Blog/KCMP/Minneapolis' Jim McGuinn, WFUV/New York's Rita Houston, and hosted by Songlines' Sean Coakley. Each panelist will be discussing the thought process that goes into choosing to play or feature new music on their stations. For those attending SXSW next month, put this on your must see list.

* * WFLD-TV's Nancy Loo may be out of an anchor job in mid-February, but she has something else exciting to look forward to at that time. Ms. Loo has been chosen to be the Grand Marshal of the Chinese New Year Parade in Chicago's Chinatown on February 14th. Not only is that Valentines Day, but it is also the start of the Chinese New Year; the year 4708 (although that number is debated by various Chinese scholars) and also, the Year of the Tiger (although that is debated by the wife & various girlfriends of Tiger Woods). The parade will take place on Wentworth, from 24th St. to Cermak Rd., starting at 1:00pm (although many activities star as early as 11:30am). "Gung Hay Fat Choi!"

* * The Katz Media Group offices here in Chicago announced the promotion of four of its employees today. Katz Radio Group's Ted Rosen, a 15-year veteran of the company, was named Vice President & Manager of the Chicago office. Kristina Presern, a 10-year veteran of Katz, was named Vice President of Sales. In another division of Chicago's Katz Media Group, Chris Shellgren was named as a Vice President & Manager for Eastman Radio, while Sam Vangelovski was promoted to a Senior Account Executive there. The Katz Radio Group is a large radio representation company and consultant on multimedia radio campaigns, representing 3,000 radio stations and a variety of digital platforms across the US and Canada. They also happen to be a subsidiary of Clear Channel Radio.

* * At NextMedia's Alternative Rocker WKZQ in Myrtle Beach, SC, their afternoon personality Jersey (aka Jersey Boy, aka Mark Mailler) left the station. So why would a New Jersey native & South Carolina DJ's move make it to a Chicagoland media website? That is because Jersey left SC to move to Chicago, IL. He is hoping to find radio work here. He's also a bass player, if any bands need assistance. Interested Chicago-area employers can reach out to him at markmailler(at)yahoo.com.

* * In what is surely a passive aggressive negotiating tactic, Howard Stern continues to talk about being wooed back to terrestrial radio. Clear Channel's John Hogan has openly asked Stern to come to him, although Stern has also publicly stated he would not work for Clear Channel. Earlier today, Stern claimed that he was invited to take over a national TV show, which is believed by some to be Jimmy Fallon's late night NBC show, but Stern claims he turned that down. It is widely thought that he will re-sign with Sirius XM for far less than what he first signed on with Sirius for, but still far more than he could possibly hope to make anywhere else. Those hoping to hear him again on a Chicago terrestrial radio station should not keep those hopes up. Negotiations and rumors should continue on for another month before this is all over.

UPDATE 02/05/10: American Idol producers have now come forward and claimed that they now want Howard Stern to replace Simon Cowell as a singing judge on the Idol TV show. It just gets stranger & stranger...

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