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News & Notes: WLUP; Elizabeth Braun; WSCR; Sun-Times; Steve Corman; Rich Brenner; Steve Kashul

More News & Notes from the Chicago media beat, including: The Loop taking a Leap Day; Elizabeth Braun looking to leap into a new opportunity; The Score wants to know what's "Bad" to you; the Sun-Times could soon look a lot different; Steve Corman writes a new book; Rich Brenner passes away; and Steve Kashul is back on weekend mornings on ESPN1000. All of the details are just below...

* * With this being a leap year and tomorrow, February 29th being referred to as Leap Day, WLUP-FM/The Loop has decided to call it "Loop Day." To celebrate "Loop Day," the station will be playing 24 hours of non-stop classic rock music (with the occasional voice-tracked DJ voice).

* * More changes taking place at WLUP-FM's sister-station, WIQI-FM/FM News 101.1... Afternoon traffic anchor Elizabeth Braun is no longer with the station or with NAVTEQ/Radiate traffic. She was released at the end of last week, as WIQI-FM Executive Producer Diana Bodkins decided to go in a different direction with the traffic reports. Mary DeBaggis is now filling in as afternoon traffic anchor. Elizabeth Braun is also a former part-time news anchor with WGN-AM. She is now looking for her next opportunity.

* * Each March, WSCR-AM's website has its own kind of "March Madness" when it unveils the annual "Boers & Bernstein's Tournament of Bad." The yearly comedic tournament looks at "everything bad in this world" and pits each annoying person/show/situation up against another, in a contest to see just what is the worst for this year. The Score wants to know just what annoys you enough that you want to see that annoyance included in this year's "Tournament of Bad" brackets. Fans can enter their suggestions online at this link HERE.

* * According to a report by Lynne Marek in this week's Crain's Chicago Business, it would appear that new Sun-Times Media Chairman Michael Ferro would like to make dramatic changes with the Chicago Sun-Times. The report claims that Ferro wants to make the paper more like "a New York Post of the Midwest." The newspaper would become closer to a supermarket tabloid then a Wall Street Journal clone. More celebrity news, more sensationalized headlines, more gossip, more attention grabbing crime stories, more sports, but less hard news and straight-forward news stories. The full report also contains a look at Michael Ferro himself and all he has accomplished. It can be read at this link HERE.

* * Steve Corman, who was a writer & producer with WMAQ-TV newscasts & sportscasts for over 15 years (1971-1986), before moving on to success in San Diego television, has just published his first novel. It is called "Danny's Decades." It is a story of a boy who loves sports and current events, who dreams of becoming a successful broadcast journalist, and then over the course of many decades, achieves that goal. Of course, it is a fictional novel, so any direct similarity between "Danny" and Steve, not to mention the many other characters in the book with people in the Chicago and San Diego broadcasting industry, is purely coincidental. (*ahem*) The paperback book is available now for $19.95 and can be purchased from Amazon.com at this link HERE. In addition to his many years at Chicago's WMAQ-TV, he also was a Managing Director of Sports Channel and a news producer at WIND-AM. He has won 8 Emmy Awards for his television work and been inducted into the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Silver Circle. If anybody could skillfully write a book on broadcast journalism, fiction or otherwise, it would be Steve Corman.

* * In much less happy news concerning a former WMAQ-TV employee... Former NBC 5 sports anchor Rich Brenner has passed away. Brenner suffered a heart attack last night and died at the age of 65. Brenner, who was only with WMAQ-TV for a relatively short time, starting in the late spring of 1980, was best known for his over 20 years as sports anchor at WGHP-TV/FOX8 in the Greensboro/High Point/Winston-Salem, NC market. On a FOX8 Facebook memorial thread for Rich Brenner, Chicago sportscaster Steve Kashul said "Rich Brenner, one of the finest gentlemen I ever knew. Rich helped me get my start in the sports broadcasting business and his love for all who worked with him will never be forgotten. My prayers to Judy, Shawn, Leslie and all his wonderful family. I will never forget Rich and all he did for me. May he rest in peace."

* * Speaking of Steve Kashul, his radio show, "Sports Medicine Weekly" is back with it's new season on WMVP-AM as of this month. Kashul co-hosts the show with Chicago Bulls Team Physician Dr. Brian Cole. The program focuses on the most recent and relevant sports injuries that affect athletes, ranging from the professional athlete to the weekend enthusiast. It premiered last May with a 12 week season. This new season will run for 40 consecutive weeks. "Sports Medicine Weekly" can be heard each Saturday morning from 7:00am-8:00am. More information on the show, as well as podcasts of shows after they air on WMVP-AM, can be found on the "Sports Medicine Weekly" website HERE. Steve Kashul is also heard on WMVP-AM/ESPN 1000 as the host of the Chicago Bulls' pre-game, post-game, and half-time shows.

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