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Steve Harvey Returning To Chicago For TV & Radio Shows

Steve Harvey is coming back to work in Chicago, where he has previously worked before as a Chicago-only DJ, before going national. He will be returning here in the late summer, as it was announced earlier today that his new national one-hour daytime talk show will be filmed locally.

As first mentioned here on this site back in October 2011, Harvey will begin hosting his own TV talk show, called appropriately enough, "Steve Harvey," beginning in September 2012. Among the very first stations to sign on to carry the new talk show were ten NBC-owned stations, including Chicago's WMAQ-TV.

It turns out that WMAQ-TV will be doing much more than just carrying Harvey's new show. The national show will now be originating out from Chicago, recorded at the WMAQ-TV studios. NBC Tower, located at 454 North Columbus Drive/455 North Cityfront Plaza, just north of Michigan Avenue, is renovating its Studio A for the new "Steve Harvey" program. The approximately 10,000 square foot studio, which seats an audience of 200, is being set up with state-of-the-art equipment & capabilities. This is the same studio that Jenny Jones, Jerry Springer, and Steve Wilkos formerly filmed their talk shows out of. Harvey's show will be nothing like those three shock-talk shows, though, and be more relationship-based with a positive spin to show topics.

According to the statement released by NBCUniversal today, the upcoming talk show will feature Steve Harvey with "his funny, fresh, insightful and common sense approach to life's every day moments that we all experience." Adding: "Each weekday, Harvey will cover a vast range of relatable topics such as marriage, dating, parenting, workplace, friendship and the daily dramas we face throughout our lives, all with his unique comedic spin."

This will bring Steve Harvey back to the city that helped make him a huge star. In the mid-1990s, stand-up comedian Steve Harvey began his radio career on Chicago's WGCI-FM, becoming a top-rated morning star here. That led him to gain a sitcom on the WB network called "The Steve Harvey Show," where he played a Chicago high school teacher. He was bouncing back & forth between Chicago and Los Angeles, where the TV show was filmed. He eventually stayed in Los Angeles to begin his nationally syndicated radio show. (That show most recently has been based out of Atlanta, where he took up residence a few years ago.)

Through his publicist today, Steve Harvey said: "Chicago has proven to be a great talk show town. I started my radio career in Chicago, and I thought it only appropriate to start my talk show career in Chicago as well."

Larry Wert, President/General Manager of WMAQ-TV, said today: "We are thrilled to host and launch the new 'Steve Harvey' show at NBC Tower. This production will create new jobs and a destination for studio audiences here in Chicago. As we welcome 'Steve Harvey,' NBC 5 will be unveiling our new best-in-class HD studio facility, which will further Illinois' efforts to bring new film projects to the state."

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn also issued a statement today announcing the coming of the new talk show to Chicago. According to the State of Illinois statement, the new show will help create 100 new jobs, bring approximately 35,000 audience members & visitors to Chicago annually, and bring millions of dollars to Chicago-area businesses.

Barry Wallach, President of NBCUniversal Domestic Television Distribution, said today: "I commend the state of Illinois -- the Governor's Office, the Film Office, and Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity -- in their proactive efforts to attract film and television production to their state, and in particular making it possible to bring the 'Steve Harvey' production to Chicago. Chicago is an outstanding, multicultural city that offers access to talented production crews, the best audiences in the country and is the perfect home for 'Steve Harvey.'"

Adding to the excitement of today's announcement, "Steve Harvey" production company Endemol USA, and its distributor, NBCUniversal Domestic Television, announced that three-time Emmy-Award winner Alex Duda has been named as the show's Executive Producer. A veteran od syndicated television shows, Duda has previously worked as the EP of "The Tyra Banks Show," "elimiDATE," "Jerseylicious," and its spin-off show, "Glam Fairy." She also was part of the team that created E's popular "Talk Soup." Like Steve Harvey, Alex Duda is a native of Cleveland, OH. (Harvey was born in Welch, WV, but raised in Cleveland.)

So what becomes of Steve Harvey's many other projects, including his radio show, his hosting of "Family Feud," his comedy or his writing? There will be no changes there at all.

Harvey's syndicated morning radio show will continue on as normal, only instead of originating out of Atlanta, whenever he is in Chicago filming his TV show, which will be often, he will be doing his portion of the show out the WVAZ-FM studios located on the 28th floor of 233 N. Michigan Avenue. From there, he will head down to NBC Tower to work on his TV show. When he is not in Chicago, he will be back at his home in Atlanta, GA and doing the show from there. His syndicated radio program is heard locally on WVAZ-FM/V103 from 5:00am-9:00am.

As for the nationally syndicated game show "Family Feud," he will continue on as host of that show as well. ("Family Feud" is seen locally each weekday at 4:00pm & 4:30pm on WPWR-TV/My 50.) This past year, Steve Harvey was able to persuade the producers of "Family Feud" to move the show from Orlando, where it had been shot for years and where he hosted it from for one year, to Atlanta. There is little chance that he could convince them to now move to Chicago. However, for the time being, the schedules for the two TV shows do not conflict. "Family Feud" will shoot a whole year's worth of shows between the months of April and July in Atlanta. Harvey will then move to Chicago in August, where filming of "Steve Harvey" will begin, for the show's launch date of September 10th.

Long known as one of the hardest working men in show business, Steve Harvey seems to be ready for the challenge of juggling numerous careers. Harvey said today: "I'm not afraid of hard work, because I will continue to host 'Family Feud' and my syndicated morning radio show."

One of the top-drawing stand-up comics in America and one of the "Original Kings of Comedy," he has not done a full-blown stand-up tour in many years, instead using his humor in his other endeavors. Though he would still do the occasional stand-up set (around 16 or so gigs a year), he announced that for this year, he wanted to focus more on his new TV show and not do any stand-up for a while. He continues to act, but over the last few years, he has chosen to only do small cameo roles in films or voice-over work. A best-selling author of two books, he will continue to write new books in his spare time. Next month, a new movie based on one his relationship books, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" will be released. The romantic comedy coming out on April 20th, features an all-star ensemble cast with a cameo role by Steve Harvey as himself.

The 60-minute talk show "Steve Harvey" will make its debut in its hometown of Chicago on Monday, September 10th, airing weekdays from 2:00pm-3:00pm on WMAQ-TV, replacing "The Nate Berkus Show." With enthusiastic commitments from numerous television ownership groups, who quickly signed up based on the show's huge potential for success, "Steve Harvey" will be seen in at least 90% of the national markets come September.

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