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Rob Hart's 'The Rob Report' Commentaries Added To WIQI-FM Weekends

Rob Hart, the weekday morning news co-anchor on WIQI-FM/FM News 101.1, will be heard on weekends now, as well. Starting tomorrow, Rob Hart's commentaries will be able to be heard throughout the weekend on the new news station.

Since late last month, Hart has been doing regular blogs for WIQI-FM's website, FMNewsChicago.com, entitled "The Rob Report." The blogs are Hart's witty thoughts on news items, pop culture and more. "The Rob Report" blog entries can all be seen right HERE.

Thanks to the popularity of those blogs, station owner Merlin Media is giving Hart a chance to start turning those into one minute audio commentaries. The new "Rob Report" commentaries will begin airing Saturday morning. For now, they are scheduled to run at :54 past every even-numbered hour. (Odd numbered hours are scheduled to run original commentaries by syndicated radio show host Lionel.)

In addition to being heard on WIQI-FM, the new "Rob Report" commentaries will also be heard on weekends on New York sister-station WEMP-FM.

Rob Hart has been working in news radio for 12 years, beginning at Milwaukee's WTMJ-AM in April 2000, working there while still a sophomore at Marquette University. About 5.5 years later, he was offered a chance to come to Chicago's WGN-AM. Hart was there from October 2005 until June of last year. While at WGN Radio, he built up a strong local fanbase. He did the man on the street interviews & outdoor reports, anchored newscasts, and even filled in as a talk show host, first on weekends and then on weekdays. He was widely considered to be the station's fastest rising star, even though there was not much room for growth at the station he was at. Last summer, he was offered a chance to be a major part of a new station getting ready to launch which was scheduled to be a news/commentary/personality/lifestyle hybrid, but eventually turned into a new kind of all-news format. That station is now FM News 101.1, where Hart can be heard live each morning and featured prominently on its website.

Hart, 31, lives in Chicago with his newlywed wife.

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