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WVON-AM Promotes Perri Small To Full-Time Midday Show Host; Santita Jackson Exits

WVON-AM has promoted longtime staffer Perri Small to the permanent host of the weekday midday show, now retitled as "The Perri Small Show." The change is effective as of this morning.

Perri Small is a veteran media personality, having worked in print, broadcast and more since graduating college in 1981. The Chicago native has worked at the Chicago Defender newspaper, the Chicago Citizen newspaper, and the Atlanta Daily World newspaper. She has worked as an Assistant Press Secretary to Mayor Harold Washington while in Chicago and as a media consultant to the APEX Museum while in Atlanta. At WVON-AM, she has worked as a producer, an executive producer, and then as a show host & co-host since 1988.

She may be best known as the co-host of the "Matt & Perri Show" on WVON-AM, which started out in evenings, but later became the station's morning anchor. That show first began in 2004, when Small, then the host of WVON-AM's "On Target," invited Matt McGill to be a guest on the show and the two struck up a natural & enjoyable chemistry on the air. In June 2010, Perri Small left the "Matt & Perri" morning show on an indefinite leave of absence to deal with some personal issues going on her life. Although she never left WVON-AM, Perri Small never officially returned to her morning show, either, which was finally renamed as simply "The Matt McGill Show" in February 2011.

Most recently, she has worked as a fill-in host, producer and WVON-AM's Special Features editor, helping to create unique programming for the station, such as last year's five-part documentary on Mayor Richard M. Daley, which she also co-wrote and produced.

Since the end of last year, Perri Small has been the primary fill-in for Santita Jackson's midday show. She is a "fill-in host" no longer, and now takes over that midday slot as the show's new host, replacing Jackson.

Today, Perri Small wrote the following on her personal Facebook page: "IT IS OFFICIAL. IT IS NOW THE "PERRI SMALL SHOW" MIDDAYS!!! I am so excited to be back on the air and it was only because of your e-mails, letters and calls that made my dream come true. Thank you all for all of your support. It is a great day."

"The Perri Small Show" can now be heard on WVON-AM 1690 Mondays-Thursdays from 9:00am-Noon and Fridays from 9:00am-11:00am.

Santita Jackson has been doing her own show on WVON-AM for over five years. In December, Jackson was taken off the air by station ownership. She was still considered part of the WVON family, was still featured prominently on the website, and her show was still promoted daily, up until last week. Even though Perri Small was guest-hosting, the program continued to be called "The Santita Jackson Show." Despite reports elsewhere that she was gone from the station in January (causing a retraction of sorts the following day by the blogger who first wrote it), Santita Jackson was still officially the host of the WVON-AM midday show and a WVON-AM employee up until this morning.

Along with being host of her own show, Santita Jackson happens to be the Executive Producer, writer and co-host of the nationally-syndicated radio show of her father's, "Keep Hope Alive with Rev. Jesse Jackson," which airs on Sunday mornings on WVON-AM, as well as hundreds of stations nationwide. Santita Jackson, the eldest daughter of Rev. Jesse Jackson, also is the Producer of the syndicated television show "Upfront with Jesse Jackson." Additionally, the multi-talented Santita Jackson is a renowned singer, writer, and television commentator. She is currently working on creating her own syndicated radio talk show, which WVON-AM's General Manager Melody Spann Cooper has said she would be immediately open to carrying and supporting.

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