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J.C. Corcoran To Do Fill-In Shift On WGN-AM Sunday

WGN-TV/WGN-AM's entertainment reporter/host Dean Richards is on assignment in Los Angeles this weekend, which means he will be unable to host his WGN Radio show this coming Sunday morning. To fill-in for Dean Richards will be veteran Midwest radio host J.C. Corcoran, a Chicago native and an extremely well-known personality from St. Louis, MO.

J.C. Corcoran grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, and was massive fan of Chicago radio and television -- adoring Bozo, Bob Sirott, WLS, WCFL, and WGN. He is a graduate of St. Laurence High School in Burbank and Northern Illinois University in DeKalb. He's also a life-long Chicago Cubs fan.

Corcoran had worked in radio in various markets, including Omaha, NE, Washington, DC, and Buffalo, NY. However, he is best known for his 28 years on St. Louis radio. He was a Howard Stern-style morning radio jock on rocks stations starting out, but soon after became a top St. Louis talk personality. In addition to being a show host, he has been an entertainment reporter & crtic, both on the radio, and for 14 years, on St. Louis television, much like Dean Richards has been doing with WGN-AM/WGN-TV.

In addition to his radio and television work, J.C. Corcoran has also written a pair of books about life in the radio industry, specifically, St. Louis' radio world. Those books, "Real Life Stories of J. C. and the Breakfast Club...or 20 Minutes in the Dark with Madonna" (2000) and "20 Years of J.C.: The Man, the Legend, the Lawsuit" (2004) are out of print, but still able to be easily found.

He is known as an immensely talented broadcaster, who has a large loyal following in St. Louis. As a talk show host who freely expresses his opinions on a wide variety of subjects, he also has his fair share of detractors, much like Chicago's Steve Dahl & Mike North have had to deal with in their careers. It seems his worst enemy, though, has been himself. Throughout his career, he has found himself, suspended and/or fired often. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Deb Peterson estimates that Corcoran has worked at 13 local radio and television stations during his almost three decades in St. Louis. He just found out late yesterday that he has been fired yet again, this time from his midday show on KTRS-AM.

This Sunday, he will be on WGN-AM, a fill-in job that was lined up weeks ago, long before yesterday's surprise firing. WGN Radio management stresses that this is just a one-time only fill-in job, and not a try-out or experiment for something bigger. Corcoran does a very similar type of show to what Dean Richards does on WGN-AM each Sunday morning and still loves his hometown of Chicago, which made him a logical choice for a temporary fill-in. Tom Langmyer, WGN Radio's General Manager, previously worked with J.C. Corcoran in Buffalo and St. Louis.

Even though this is a one-time only shot, this is a dream come true for J.C. Corcoran, to be on Chicago radio, and specifically on WGN-AM, home of his favorite baseball team and a station he grew up listening to with his family. Corcoran said yesterday: "My only regret is that my Dad is not alive to hear this, because this would have been just one of the biggest days of his life."

His guests for Sunday's show include NBC Sports' Bob Costas, Bob Einstein (aka the hilarious Super Dave Osborne), and former Senior Vice President of NBC Entertainment Warren Littlefield, along with a discussion on Cinco De Mayo. The show will be entirely live & local from WGN's studios.

Dean Richard's show, which normally airs from 9:00am-Noon on Sundays, will end a half-hour earlier this coming Sunday, due to baseball commitments. Being able to hand off the mic to a Cubs pre-game show is yet another thrill for extreme Cubs fan J.C. Corcoran.

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