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WRXQ-FM Begins 'Metamorphosis'; Rebrands As 'Q Rock 100.7'

At 5:00pm, south-suburban rocker WRXQ-FM begun what the station is describing as a "metamorphosis." Slowly over the course of the month, fans will start to see subtle changes and upgrades. The first of which was revealed a short while ago...

The station will stop referring to itself as "100.7 RXQ - The Southland's Classic Rock" and will begin using its new brand name of "Q Rock 100.7." The new name was first used on the air at 5:02pm this afternoon by drive-time host and Program Director Zander. Observant fans may notice that the word "classic" is gone from the branding and there is more focus on the word "rock." What that means for the music heard on the air will be revealed slowly in May.

A new logo has been created (see below). At some point in May, the WRXQ-FM website should also see some changes, with the new logo added and more.

The station is not changing formats or doing anything dramatic that would drive away longtime listeners. Those looking for a deeper and harder selection of classic rock will still be able to find it on WRXQ-FM. This is just a station making some minor improvements to (hopefully) please its fans. This is not a "change," but a "metamorphosis."

As "Q Rock 100.7," WRXQ-FM is now the only radio station in town using the "Q" in its branding, something that hasn't been done in Chicagoland since alternative rock station "Q101" was forced off the air in mid-July 2011, to make room for a new news station. Merlin Media, the radio station company that took "Q101" off the air last summer, is looking at putting a new modern rock station on 87.7 FM this month. The rumored name for that new station is "Q 87.7," as Merlin Media will be changing the station's call letters to WKQX-LP. NextMedia's WRXQ-FM now beats that station to the "Q" punch.

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