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Former Dahl Producer Mary Sandberg To Produce B96 Morning Show

Mary Sandberg, best known to many as the longtime (nine years) Executive Producer and personal assistant to Chicago radio legend Steve Dahl, has been hired CBS Radio Chicago to become the new Executive Producer of the WBBM-FM/B96 morning show.

Later this month, Sandberg will take over as the behind-the-scenes captain of the "J & Julian" show, working on the highly-rated program with J Niice, Julian Nieh, and "Showbiz Shelly" Menaker. She replaces longtime producer Mark Baggio, who is voluntarily stepping down to pursue other opportunities at the radio station.

Mary Sandberg began working with Steve Dahl back in January 2003. Many may remember her by her married name of Mary Van Daele. She went through a divorce in the second half of last year and understandably returned back to her maiden name of Sandberg.

She was with Dahl and his show through thick & thin, from his CBS Radio days, to his days off the air, through his beginning a trailblazing podcast -- something of which she was instrumental in helping get launched. Sandberg not only kept Steve Dahl's show moving along on a daily basis, but she watched over much of his business affairs, and sometimes even helping with his personal business. Although she was often heard on the air and laughing in the background, most did not know of the extent of her involvement and what an important cog in the wheel she was to Dahl's professional life.

At the start of December 2011, it was announced that she & Dahl would have to part ways at the end of the year. The move was a difficult one for Dahl, as it was strictly budget-based, not because anything Sandberg was doing wrong. However, with the budget having to be rearranged to bring on Kevin Matthews and James Van Osdol to the Steve Dahl Podcast Network, cut corners and sacrifices needed to be made. They parted as friends and she still remains very close to her Dahlcast work family.

Since leaving as Steve Dahl's producer at the end of December, Mary Sandberg has kept extremely busy. A huge sports fan, she now works as part of the Event Operations Team for the Chicago Fire, and also does press & promotional work for the USTA Pro Tennis Championship Tournament. Most recently, Sandberg joined independent movie production company Vision Films, LLC. There she is in charge of all marketing and casting for its new film, "In Between Engagements," which is currently shooting in and around Chicagoland this month. The film is a Chicago-based romantic comedy and features Emmy Award-winning actor Armand Assante in a small role.

Latter this month, she will be adding Executive Producer to the list of many things she has going on now. This also means that soon, she will have to wake up around 3:30am each weekday -- something not easy for a person afraid of the dark -- to make sure she can get down to Prudential Plaza downtown in the pre-dawn hours to watch over a morning radio show that begins at 5:30am.

Sandberg will be joining an already successful program in the "J & Julian" show. In the most recent Arbitron radio ratings, WBBM-FM morning daypart is ranked at #5 with a 5.0 share in its target demographic of Persons 18-34. In the advertiser sought-after demographic of Women 25-54, the show is tied at #4, also with a 5.0 share.

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