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Sun-Times Announces Major Reorganization Of Editorial Department

The Chicago Sun-Times today unveiled a new, reorganized Editorial Department, with many promotions, a new hire, and a new focus on its digital properties. Jim Kirk, Editor in Chief of Sun-Times Media, announced the reorganization of the Chicago Sun-Times editorial department to the staff this afternoon.

New new changes involve Craig Newman, Andrew Herrmann, Linda Bergstrom, Chris De Luca, and Meg Moore.

Craig Newman has been named as Sun-Times Managing Editor. His primary duty will be to lead the development of the company's digital framework, allowing for a more seamless sharing of news across all of Sun-Times Media's city and suburban brands. Newman was previously the head of production at the Sun-Times. He replaces Andrew Herrmann.

Andrew Herrmann now becomes Editor in Chief of Sun-Times Media's west suburban publishing group, overseeing the Naperville, Aurora and Elgin periodicals. Both Newman and Herrmann will report directly to Jim Kirk.

Joining the Sun-Times today is Linda Bergstrom. She will take the role of Deputy Managing Editor of all features content for the Chicago Sun-Times and Sun-Times Media. Up until yesterday, Bergstrom was the Lifestyle Content Editor for the Chicago Tribune, where she supervised all lifestyle content and produced feature sections for national distribution both in print and online.

Chris De Luca, who has been the Sun-Times Sports Editor, has been promoted to Deputy Managing Editor of News and Sports. In this role, De Luca will now manage all news at the Sun-Times, while developing new content areas that can be stretched across the entire region with an emphasis on digital first.

Both Bergstrom and De Luca will report to Craig Newman.

Also receiving a promotion is Meg Moore, who was an Editor with the Sun-Times Media suburban Pioneer Press papers, where she was responsible for the Trend section and layout desk. Moore will now be Editor of the new Pulse section at the Chicago Sun-Times, which includes entertainment and culture content. In this new role, Moore will report to Linda Bergstrom.

Jim Kirk announced the new positions and the reasons behind them in an internal memo sent out to the entire Sun-Times staff this afternoon. Here now is that memo...

From Jim Kirk
To: Sun-Times Employees
Date: May 30th, 2012

Newspapers have faced countless turning points, forks in the road and challenges. Call them what you will, but our industry is dealing with one so significant that its very survival may rest on key moves that will be made in the coming months and years. Here at the Sun-Times, we are staring straight at just such a moment. We can be like our competitors and limp along, hoping for a recovery to get us through to the next economic dip.

Or we can lead.

Today, we set out a path to move this great institution into a new age -- finally and definitively. We are no longer a newspaper company. We are a technology company that happens to publish a newspaper. We deliver content. And we will deliver content on many platforms and in ways that we haven't yet fully considered.

This requires thinking in vastly different ways. And it requires a structure that enables new thinking and new ideas to reach our readers in many more places than we do now. Why? Because they demand that of us.

And so today, we embark on a restructuring that will help put in place the mechanism to allow us to be more nimble. It will open up new avenues for our excellent reporting, great analysis and commentary and the countless little things we do day-in and day-out that make this media company the best news source in the city.

Today, we present Chicago with a new voice. One that builds on our traditional newsgathering and uses every tool at our disposal to disseminate information in new forms. We will use our resources across the city and suburbs in ways that will make us an even more powerful reporting and content force in the region.

We will use new technology to enhance that newsgathering so that our reporters and editors can focus on the more important stories. And we will continue to look at where we can enhance our coverage footprint and take appropriate steps to deliver the most extensive content in key areas in the city.

What doesn't change is our journalism. It is the hallmark of what we do and why people are willing to pay for our content. It is the Credibility leg of Michael's three-legged stool. And without it, we have nothing.

Undertaking a bold transformation cannot be done alone. It needs a management team that is thinking outside the box and willing to try every day. So today, I’m announcing the following management realignment.

Craig Newman, head of production at the Sun-Times and long at the forefront of digital delivery of news content, becomes managing editor of the Sun-Times. While overseeing the day-to-day operations of our news delivery, he will be responsible for helping move all of Sun-Times Media to a digital-first focus. Craig has touched all parts of the news operation as copy and production editor companywide and with his work on numerous special projects here. He has the right mindset to move us in this most important direction. Craig will report to me.

Andrew Herrmann, who has served admirably as managing editor through some of the most difficult times this company has faced, takes on the new task of editor-in-chief of our West Suburban publishing group. Andrew is a seasoned editor who knows first-hand about transforming newsrooms. He will be responsible for three of our most important products that are in need of strong leadership: Naperville, Aurora and Elgin. Andrew will report to me.

Under Craig, we are naming two key editors who will oversee content not only in the Sun-Times but also across all of our editions. Chris De Luca, whose forward-thinking leadership of the sports section has been a model copied nationally, becomes deputy managing editor of news and sports. In this position, Chris will have responsibility over all news at the Sun-Times while developing new content areas that can be stretched across the whole region with an emphasis on digital first.

Chris has been with the Sun-Times since 1996, steadily rising through the ranks as reporter and columnist before taking the helm of the award-winning section in 2009.

Today, we also are naming Linda Bergstrom as deputy managing editor over all features content at the Sun-Times and Sun-Times Media. Linda comes to us from the Chicago Tribune where she has been responsible for the development and editing of just about all of the paper's feature sections in the last decade, including Q, At Play and the upcoming Printer's Row.

She currently supervises all lifestyle content for national distribution both in print and online.

Linda is a crucial hire for us. As we look to expand our footprint in content areas that stretch from health to entertainment, Linda brings a wealth of experience and ideas. She is a natural leader who can look at any situation and give you a dozen ways to address them.

I'm thrilled she is joining our team, and I assure you she will make an impact immediately.

Also in the features area, Meg Moore, who has been responsible for the Trend section and layout and production desk at Pioneer Press, will move downtown to oversee our daily Pulse section. She will report to Linda. Meg has a terrific eye for stories and will help elevate our new entertainment and culture section quickly.

Please join me in congratulating everyone on these promotions. More great news ahead.


One of the most important parts of that memo of Kirk's is this: "We are no longer a newspaper company. We are a technology company that happens to publish a newspaper. We deliver content." With new ownership pushing the company to be more creative, that statement of Kirk's shows that the Sun-Times does not wish to do what its peers are doing and is instead looking to break away from the pack.

Today's appointments comes on the heels of yesterday's abrupt exit by Executive Editor John Baron and recent exit of Editor in Chief Don Hayner.

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