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WMAQ-TV To Award $100,000 In Grants To Local Non-Profits

The NBCUniversal Foundation is partnering with the ten NBC-owned television stations, including Chicago's WMAQ-TV, on a new initiative entitled 21st Century Solutions. The program will be handing out $1.2 million in grants to local non-profit organizations in the ten markets where NBC owns TV stations. Locally, WMAQ-TV will be awarding $100,000 to three Chicagoland non-profits.

According to today's announcement from NBCUniversal, the 21st Century Solutions program is searching for non profit organizations which offer "high-impact, innovative programs in the areas of Arts and Media, Community Development, Civic Engagement, Education, Environment, Jobs and Economic Empowerment, and Technology and Innovation."

Locally, WMAQ-TV will be selecting one winning organization to receive a $50,000 grant, as well as two additional runners-up organizations, who will each receive $25,000. The funding will come from the NBCUniversal Foundation.

To be eligible, the 501(c)(3) organizations must be at least three years old, be physically located in the Chicagoland area, and serve a Chicagoland community or communities. The judges are looking for new or fairly new (three years old or less), innovative programs that support positive changes and help move our communities forward. Political or religious organizations are not eligible.

Qualifying non-profit organizations in the Chicago market which wish to compete in the grant challenge have until August 15th to submit an application. Interested parties can review the eligibility criteria and complete the applications at this link HERE.

In addition to Chicago, the markets that will be taking part in this search to award grant money will be Connecticut, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington.

All of the winners in all ten markets -- 30 winners in total -- will be announced this fall.

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