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Robin Robinson Renews With WFLD-TV For One Year

Robin Robinson will be staying at WFLD-TV for one more year, after all, even though there were previous reports that she would be exiting at the end of this month. With only days left to go in her current contract, FOX Chicago management offered Robinson a one-year renewal, which was accepted and made official this week.

Last month, numerous sources, including FOX employees in Chicago and other markets, asking to be anonymous, all said that FOX would be unable & unwilling to offer a new contract to Robinson, whose current three-year contract expired this month. Robinson herself was said to planning her exit from the station, telling co-workers of it. News of this development was first accurately, carefully, and exclusively reported HERE on this website last month.

Despite what was falsely written by a once-respected Chicago blogger last week, there was no offer given to Robin Robinson last month -- not verbally nor in writing. However, when all plans to replace her fell through, the station offered up a one year extension at the start of this month, well after the initial reports came out. Word of WFLD-TV's possible change of heart was also reported HERE.

Among the replacements WFLD-TV was strongly considering was moving Anna Davlantes from the morning show to evening co-anchor, the return of Diann Burns to Chicago news, and bringing up a news anchor from a smaller FOX market with no previous Chicago experience. A test with Davlantes did not please management, Burns is unable to leave California for personal reasons (for now anyway), and the out-of-town news anchor did not wish to exit her current position, plus local management did not feel an unknown was the best move for the station. These developments prompted the one year, last minute contract to Robinson.

Unfortunately, the late-coming one-year deal (with an option to pick up one more year) is not exactly a sign of confidence in Robinson. If station management felt strongly that she was the news anchor to lead the station going forward, a longer-term contract would have been finalized weeks, if not months ago. Robinson's new deal places the end of her contract coinciding with the end of her 9:00pm newscast partner's contract. Bob Sirott's three-year deal with FOX as WFLD-TV news anchor expires in July 2013.

Robinson, 54, is a Chicago native who has been working in TV news for 33 years, with 28 of those years in her hometown. She began in 1979 as reporter for San Diego's KGTV-TV, later moving up to morning news anchor. Three years later, she accepted a job as a consumer reporter for Denver's KMGH-TV. Two years later, in 1984, Robinson was brought back to Chicago to be the consumer reporter for WBBM-TV/CBS 2. She was later promoted up to weekend/fill-in news anchor and reporter.

In 1987, WFLD-TV was looking to launch full newscasts on its station and put together a new and exciting news team. One of the first hired was Robinson (then going by the name Robin Robinson-Brantley), who was paired up with Philadelphia news anchor Kris Long to be the "Fox 32 News" nighttime news anchors. Long was her co-anchor until 1993. From 1993-2004, Walter Jacobson was her co-anchor, followed by Mark Suppelsa from 2004-2008 and Jeff Goldblatt from 2008-2010. Since 2010, she has been paired with the aforementioned Bob Sirott.

Robinson is the last remaining on-air staffer from WFLD-TV's original news team from 1987.

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