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News & Notes: Mike North; Dan Deibert; Rick O'Dell; Fred Winston; Freak; Art Porter; CSN Chicago; WMAQ-TV; More

Today's News & Notes feature eleven local media news items, including: Mike North's sports punted from AM 560; Dan Deibert goes national again; Rick O'Dell hosts a concert; Fred Winston fills in again; Freak gets hitched; Art Porter gets hired; CSN Chicago goes back to school; WMAQ-TV helping out voiceover talents; Chris Hernandez exits the TV news biz; TruTV comes to Chicago; and Tribune Broadcasting in another retrans fight. All of the details are below.

* * Mike North's FOX Sports show is no longer being carried on Sunday nights on WIND-AM. Station management decided they could earn more money by airing brokered programming and pulled the national sports talk program hosted by the Chicago sports talk veteran. North continues to still be associated with the station however, contributing his daily 30-In-5 exclusive videos and being a weekly on-air contributor to the John & Amy morning show and the Steve Cochran evening show.

* * Former WGN-AM weekend/fill-in host Dan Deibert, who was back in Chicago and back on the air filling in for John Howell all last week on WIND-AM's morning show, will be once again be on the radio, doing fill-in for the nationally syndicated Overnight America program. He will be filling in for regular host Jon Grayson from Wednesday through Friday. Deibert has become a semi-regular guest host for the show.

* * This Friday, August 24th, former WLFM-LP/WNUA-FM star Rick O'Dell will be the emcee for the smooth jazz concert staring Brian Culbertson & David Sanborn. The concert, part of the artists' "Dream Tour," will be held at the Country Club Hills Theatre (4116 W. 183rd Street, Country Club Hills), starting at 7:30pm. Tickets for the show are still available at this link HERE.

* * Chicago radio legend Fred Winston will be making a return to the radio airwaves this Sunday night, August 26th, as he does a one-time fill-in role at WLS-FM. He will be heard from 9:00pm-Midnight. Winston was previously a top fill-in DJ at the station for about three years after WZZN-FM/WLS-FM flipped to the current oldies format in the fall of 2005. This could be the beginning of a return to fill-in status for him at the station. Fred Winston started on Chicago radio working afternoons on WLS-AM in February 1971, followed by stints at WMAQ-AM, WFYR-FM, WCFL-AM, a return to WLS-AM, WLUP-FM, WPNT-FM, WXXY-FM, WMVP-AM, WJMK-FM, and fill-ins at numerous stations, including WGN-AM.

* * Congratulations to WYKT-FM/The Kat 105.5's PD/DJ Freak and his girlfriend Betsy. This past weekend, Freak & Betz became husband and wife. Best wishes to the couple!

* * Art Porter, the Chicago radio super-producer (WGCI-FM/WVAZ-FM for over 20 years, among other radio/TV stations) has been hired by the team running Chicagoland's new late-night talk show "Seven On Ridge" as a booking producer. Executive Producer Frank Brummett snatched up Porter to help insure the show gets top guests as it attempts to be a large local success quickly. "Seven On Ridge" will tape its first ever show on September 15th, for airing on September 17th on WJYS-TV.

* * Comcast SportsNet Chicago's "High School 'Lites" makes its return this Friday night at 10:30pm. The show covers the Chicago-area preps football scene featuring highlights, interviews, and analysis every Friday evening throughout the 2012-13 scholastic year. The live program replaces the Friday 10:30pm edition of SportsNet Central.

* * This Saturday, August 25th, WMAQ-TV is sponsoring a Chicago "That's Voiceover" event. Numerous workshops for voiceover artists will be held during the day, while a talent show will be held later, with the winner getting the opportunity to do some VO work for NBC 5 Chicago and being hooked up with a talent agent. The talent show will be hosted by WMAQ-TV's LeeAnn Trotter. This will all take place at the Harris Theater (205 E. Randolph Drive, Chicago), with the doors opening at 10:30am. Much more information, including tickets, workshops schedules, and talent show information, can be found at this link HERE.

* * Chris Hernandez is getting out of the TV news business, at least for now. The former WBBM-TV news reporter (2002-2004) had been working as the political and city hall reporter for KSHB-TV in Kansas City since exiting Chicago. As of this month, he has decided to get away from the news cameras and become the new Marketing Director for Kansas City, MO's Unicorn Theater.

* * TruTV has announced it will be doing a spin-off of sorts of its popular reality show "Hardcore Pawn," only this time, the show will be set in Chicago. The network has ordered nine episodes of "Hardcore Pawn: Chicago." The new show will be set at Chicago's Royal Pawn Shop, (428 S. Clark St.), which is owned by brothers Randy and Wayne Cohen. The brothers and their pawn shop may be remembered by Chicagoans because of their third brother who used to be involved with the business, Scott Lee Cohen. That brother won 2010 Democratic primary election for Lieutenant Governor, but dropped out in a cloud of controversy. He later re-entered the race and unsuccessfully ran for Governor as an Independent. Scott Lee Cohen is not in the pawn shop business anymore and is not scheduled to be part of this new reality show. Episodes of "Hardcore Pawn: Chicago" are being filmed now and the show will premiere on truTV later this fall.

* * In what is becoming a bit too common of a bad negotiation tactic, Tribune Company has pulled its stations from Cablevision, the New York-based cable television provider, in an attempt to negotiate higher retransmission fees. The blackout only is felt by Cablevision customers in the NY, NJ, and CT areas, as well as a station in Denver, CO. Using statements almost identical as what DirecTV did when it had its long battle with Tribune Broadcasting earlier this year, Cablevision has the following statements up on is website: "The outrageous demands of Tribune and the Wall Street hedge funds and banks that now own it have blacked out WPIX Channel 11 and other stations Tribune owns on Cablevision." "Tribune and its hedge fund owners have demonstrated recent reckless behavior toward consumers, blacking out 23 stations on DirecTV." "We tried to reach agreement with Tribune and its hedge fund owners, but we do not believe it is fair to ask our customers to pay tens of millions of dollars in new fees for the same channels they receive today and when much of that programming is available online and on other channels." Since WPIX-TV (New York's version of WGN-TV) and the blacked-out TV stations carry largely syndicated programming that can be found elsewhere, Cablevision instead gave its customers links and information on where else to find the same programming. Of course, Tribune Broadcasting is blaming Cablevision Systems for not paying what it thinks is fair and for not negotiating in good faith. The blackout began last Friday and does not appear will end anytime soon.

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